Obama sobering up


by Fred

  In lieu of answering the cries for freedom coming from Iranians being mauled to death in plain view by the savage Islamist Rapists, President Obama wrongfully opted for secret diplomacy intended to get in the good graces of the Head Rapist Khamenei.

Needless to say that ill advised policy did not get anywhere except to give IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic additional time to while working on their illegal weaponized nuke program rape, maim and kill many more Iranian men, women and children. Only yesterday the Deputy Head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission in IRR’s ersatz Islamist Parliament said:

“The world should accept the fact that Iran is now a country with nuclear capabilities, and acknowledge that the Iranian nuclear issue is a closed case.”

True them Islamist Rapist critters are accomplished liars as it is part and parcel of their barbaric dogma and DNA of their belief system. But their march to blasting off their nuke-tipped long-range ballistic missiles is now only a matter of when and not if.

Given that President Obama has soberly said there is no guarantee to sanctions working, given that IRR is hell-bent on becoming the first messianic atomic power with pre-designated targets for their first nuke deliveries, given that IRR is bad for humanity’s health and Iranians’’ well-being, given that it is an impediment to peace, isn’t it time to implement regime change?

Before it is too late the sane world has to impose airtight sanctions, declare IRR a regime non grata and openly help fed up Iranians with material support to overthrow the beacon to Islamist menaces. Time for pussyfooting is long past. 






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