Obama didn’t mean it

by Fred

With the passage of time and piecing together different tidbits of information the picture is becoming clearer by the day. The failure of the U.S. to stand up to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, is of monumental scale which like the case with the Nazis, heavy price will be paid for not nipping this gathering cloud in the bud.

Apparently for four years, two of which during Bush Presidency, a future NIAC lobbyist, who can be termed as lobbyist in waiting, was part of the team to make nice with the Islamist Rapists.

At the crucial time when Iranian people rose up, Obama got the advice from these future NIAC lobbyist type to make nice with the Head Rapist Khamenei. While turning his back to the Iranian people asking for him to take a clear stand, Obama sent number of secret, now known, unsolicited letters asking for the Head Rapist’s hand of friendship for which he got no response.

Now the same NIAC lobbyists and their likeminded are blaming the failure of their nonsensical policy on Obama administration for not having its heart into making nice with the Islamist Rapists.

No wonder U.S. foreign policy on how to deal with the messianic weaponized nuke acquiring Islamist Rapist Republic looks so amateurish.




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Israeli Fred At It Again

by HHH on

There you go with your "Bomb-Iran" propaganda again!

Haven't I told you 100 times not to wish destruction for the country you claim to care for?  Don't tell me you believe in "strategic, needle-point, surgical bombing" ha? Naaa that's just western Bee-Es. Neither Obama nor your country, Israel, can do a thing about IRI unless they kill half a million or more Iranians while doing it.

So get this out of your mind and get back to your 3rd-line IRR or your justification of palestinian genocide or land occupation.  Instead of NIAC lobbyists think about your friends the AIPAC lobbyists.

As you mentioned, Iran at best is just a "nuke-acquiring" country that has not invaded any country for 2 centuries while your country Israel is a "nuke-acquired" country who's never stopped killing, bombing or occupying since it's illegitimate birth.


Simorgh jaan


I will be frank with you and say that you should also divorce your emotion from this debate. Notice how you say the "regime MUST" be removed soon without even defining how that will be and what the consequences of ones actions will be? Isn't that emotion talking? You say the regime must be removed either by sanctions or by force or both but then you say we have an educated iranian middle-class.  what do you think will happen once you enforce those sanctions? It is the educated middle-class who will suffer. How will they be able to fight the regime if they are concerned about the basic living needs? And the reason I am against the use of force is that time and time again it is known to backfire and be entirely unpredictable. We CANT afford to live with that unpredictability.



by Simorgh5555 on



It is a long time since we have spoken and I find you the more affable of the Iranian Left. 

The CASMI and NIAC lobbyists are procratinating the removal of this evil regime either intentionally because they are dyed in the wool supporters of this regime or STILL naive enough to believe this regime can be reasoned with.

This regime MUST be removed EITHER by force OR sanctions OR BOTH. This regime is no respecter of human rights.  You have had 30 years of negotiating and pursuing diplomatic avenues to reform this rotten regime but to no avail. 

You have an enlightened and educated Iranian middle class, and more politically conscious and active younger generation in Iran who are POWERLESS to change this regime. Do you think a delegation of students with their Phds, Bachellor of Arts, LLM legal qualifications are going to change  the position of  these crooks to relinquish power and respect human rights one bit? They have thrown the young and educated into jail, time after time. There is ni painless outcome. There is only a lesser of two evil options here. 

Playing up the threat of ethnic disintegration of Iran is not a reason not to take action. They said the same thing about Iraq and it is still a unified whole. Not doing anything to stop this regime on its industrial killing spree, islamification, polution of air, land and sea, , squandering of resources, selling of assets and national treasures and mismanagement of the economy, its inability to stop a growing population means that Iran as we know it will soon disappear.  

This regime MUST be removed soon. By soon I mean by a few years and not thirtyy years.  Please try to be rational about it and look and divorce your emotion from this debate. 




You support military action on Iran so your line of reasoning shouldnt be suprising to people. Because the only alternative to negotiations (on nuclear issue) is military action.


Precisely why Mr. Parsi

by mahmoudg on

is an affront to the intelligence of any man.  Why he is being sued, and why members of this Islamic Rapist Cultis lobby NIAC is being deserted by its members.  The Islamic Cultist Lobby is hard at work in Washington to ensure itself a few more x number of days of longevity, but they are being rebuffed.  Mr. Parsi and the members supporting NIAC should know, that dealing with the Islamic Rapist Cultists is tantamount to dealing with terrorism.  One cannot negotiate with terrorists, and therefore one cannot negotiate with Islamic Rapist Cultists either.  Let the freedom fighting forces of US/Israel liberate Iran once and for all.

Sargord Pirouz

The intentional ignorance of

by Sargord Pirouz on

The intentional ignorance of this "Fred" blog is really getting stael and tiresome. It lacks genuine substance.

If they had a competent editor, they'd sack most of this staff and hire better writers. But I bet their budget is too small for such, or they're simply too inept at what they do to realize or care. 


Cables show cosy US relationship with IAEA chief



Are they wrong?


Are they wrong to question Obama Admins sincerity in negotiating on the nuclear issue? Only a day after Obama's innaguration, Stewart Levey traveled to Israel to assure them that we will continue sanctioning Iran even as we negotiate. If anything it was the neocon influenced tactics (case in point AIPAC founder Denis Ross advising Obama on Iran) of Obama Admin that was amateurish.  They WANTED the negotiations to fail. And the hardliners in Teheran were happy to oblige!

This proves that more than anything neocons and the regime need each other to survive.  They would like nothing more than to keep up the status quo while the ordinary people suffer.