No more Israel, promise!

by Fred

“We promise the athletes that in years very near you will not have any competitor and opposition from the Qods occupying regime. The reason being, no such regime will exist any longer for you to be kept away from receiving gold medal due to boycotting and not recognizing them.  Of course, you too have to promise to get gold [medals] in the athletic arena.”

The above direct quote is from General Naghdi, the Iraqi born head of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s Brownshirts, a.k.a Basij militia. Yesterday Naghdi said it in a speech to a group of Iranian athletics.

This “promise” of making sure a member state of the United Nations will “no longer exist” is not anything new. It has been the promise of the Islamist Rapists from day one of coming to power, publicly announced repeatedly by many of their leaders including their founder “Imam” Khomeini.

While they are acquiring their weaponized nuke to fulfill their longstanding promise, Iranian people are being used as human shield.

There will come a time when in face of the incessant threats of annihilation, the cooler heads in Tel Aviv will not be able to continue advising forbearance.

Before the disaster of IRR promised imposed war is fulfilled, the sane world has to help the enslaved Iranians to overthrow their warmongering, Iranian men, woman and children raping, maiming and murdering, messianic nuke acquiring Islamist Rapist tyrants, “reformer” and all.

For the sake of peace, for the sake of humanity, for the sake of whatever makes living on this Erath worthwhile, impose airtight sanctions including blood oil and gas NOW!


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G. Rahmanian

The Real Warmongers!

by G. Rahmanian on

The IR thugs and their foot soldiers have tried hard to provoke yet another war since the end of Iran-Iraq war. They provoked and, despite calls by the UN for a ceasefire, continued the war for 8 long years. The cost for the poor Iranians was 1,000,000 dead and more than US $500 billion in material damages. Fortunately for Iranians, other countries have shown much patience in the face of constant provocations and warmongering rhetoric by the regime. Death to IR.


Dear Comrade

by Rosva on


Anti-Semitism has been existing long before Israel reached out of it's "International Borders",even before State of Israel was established.It will stay with us, no matter in which borders Israel will remain, and even if Israel will disappear.Stop blaming Israel and the Jews for anti-semitism!


The Promised Land

by comrade on

The one and only practical way to combat organized anti-Semitism is  Israel's return to her pre-67 international borders.

My dear friend, knows that military action and airtight sanction against our beloved Iran is indeed inrealistic and counterproductive to the interest of the "sane world" which he keeps calling upon so desperately and monotonously.

I'm not surprised when I find find our Fred and their Naghdi "equal opposites".

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.