No Benz for Haji

by Fred

As someone who believes in overthrow of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, and thinks the least costly way is to follow the South African model, i.e. total economic sanctions, the news on the sanctions front is good, not great, just good.

Almost all the international oil powerhouses have severed their relationships with IRR. Most, if not all, financial institutions do not deal with the toxic IRR and the list of those who are getting the message is growing by the day.

And the news that Daimler AG, the famed German car manufacturer has also severed its extensive relationship with IRR is only the latest indication of what responsible corporations are doing.

Of course not all have done it out of the goodness of their corporate heart or care for the Iranian men, women and children being raped, tortured and murdered by the Islamist Rapists. However, the fact remains that the climate is such even the bean counters in those heartless corporations have gotten the message.

That brings us to some who have not. Giants like Honeywell with lucrative contracts with the U.S. government. To date Honeywell has not yet come clean about its business projects and dealings with IRR. In particular, Honeywell has to come clean about its assisting IRR in Arak refinery as well as with technologies helping the Islamist Rapists’ multilayered security apparatus to better suppress Iranians.

Honeywell come clean, you owe it to your conscientious stockholders and besides, it is the law.


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Build Bridges for Lebanon,

by vildemose on


No Funds or Weapons for Israel

by HHH on

I think US should stop sending funds & weapons to the Israelis because that equals more Palestinians getting killed and more lands stolen, not that there's much left to steal. If it wasn't for the backing of US zionist lobby & media now millions of Palestinians could be free of the harassments, bombings, imprisonments, blockades, & imposed poverty. The jewish migrants could have continued their peaceful lives in their home countries and most important of all, Fred could rest.



This is the Iraq/North Korea model


and does not resemble the South African model. Who are you kidding war advocate Fred?


IRI's next move :-)

by Fesenjoon on

Now you just watch,

tomorrow morning some reeshi guy will show up on Press-TV and claim that "The Islamic Nation of Iran will start mass producing Mercedes Benz C class, starting next year. We have reached self sufficiency by the grace of our Rahbar-e Farzaneh. The Americans are losing once more."


The validity of an invalid premise

by Fred on

The premise, “our reliance on the corporate world for achieving our democratic goal has a queer nature.” As formulated, is certainly valid.

However, for those who see the corporate world’s contribution to the struggle as part of the overall effort and not the only part, a la South Africa, the premise does not hold water.


I agree, bean counters will go back to the bean

by mahmoudg on

unless we make sure there are no beans left for them to go back to!


Odd couple

by comrade on

I will not be surprised to see the bean counter who has run out of beans go back to the old bean seller, so to speak.

In my opinion, our reliance on the corporate world for achieving our democratic goal has a queer nature.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.