by Fred

Over influencing Washington’s policy toward IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, There are two equally unsavory lobbies hard at work.

Some basic facts:

1-IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, is a US designated terrorist sponsoring entity.

2-MKO, the People’s Mujahedeen is a US designated terrorist organization dedicated to violent overthrow of IRR.

3-Due to its proven human intelligence capabilities, being the ones who uncovered IRR’s vast duel purpose nuke program, MKO is used by some elements in the US government and intelligence agencies. Increasingly, MKO is being courted by US politicians from both side of the isle as well. 

4- NIAC lobby is a pro-Islamist “reformist” faction of IRR, lobbying reconciliation between US and IRR.

5- At various times, the lifetime and by organizational charter, irreplaceable, president of the NIAC lobby with contact and court-documented friendship with high ranking IRR officials, has been used by some elements of the US government as a messenger between US and IRR.

According to unchallenged US newspaper exposé, the said lobbyist has conducted “seminars” for CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency. In at least one occasion, the NIAC lobbyist has openly conducted "events" in a foreign land sponsored by the US State Department.


Are these two lobbies representing Iranian national interests?

When it comes to Iranian national interests, are these two lobbies that much different from one another?

By relying on these two lobbies’ perspectives, is Washington missing the boat on the true aspirations of the Iranian people and in the process jeopardizing their vital friendship with the US once Iran is emancipated?


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to Simorgh5555

by iamfine on

What steps did you take to help issues that were mentioned in your article. Why is it that anytime something is working, Iranians try to knock it down. What I recommend is to write to NIAC and politely remind them about human rights issue and I am sure they will listen to you. BTW - It would be a good idea if you contribute to that organization. After all we should not expect others to do the work for us free – there is not such a thing as a free lunch. I am sure all Jews in this country contribute to AIPAC organization




NIAC does care about human rights! ;)

by Simorgh5555 on

The NIAC has not updated its 'Human Rights' news section since June 20th

Since June 20th


  • 300 Iranians are in death row 
  • 26 Iranians have been executed in Mashad including two sisters
  • 2 female photojournalists and film makes have been abducted by the IR police 
  • No article or public policy statament on the one year anniversary of the 2009 Green Movement opposition uprising
  • No article commemorating the memory of Neda Agha Soltan

Yet Trita Parsi can take the time to write about the threat of the MEK but there isn't a single article about recent human rights issues in Iran.   Please believe the NIAC when they say that they care about Human Rights and they are there to represent views of Iranian Americans.   What BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



by Simorgh5555 on

The MEK is a dangerous organisation which were partners in crime with the current regime but to its credit it has killed hundreds of scumbag mullahs including Beheshti. I am not trying to justify their existence or relativise their crimes. 


Hard cold facts

by Fred on

Some and by all means not all documented facts about NIAC lobby were cited in this blog.

Those who wish to challenge the obvious conclusion should try their hand at explaining away those hard cold facts.



by iamfine on

What is wrong with you? NIAC is a transparent organization and trying very hard to help Iranians abroad as well as Iranians within the country. NIAC is trying to minimize sanctions imposed by the west because it brings hardship to average Iranians. I think NIAC is doing the right thing and I don’t see any parallel between MEK & NIAC.


Ominous Facts!

by Demo on

Writer's offered 'facts' are inauspicious at best based on the following brief:

1. US has no creditability whatsoever to designate any entity as 'terrorist' while itself has been occupying 2 countries of Afghanistan & Iraq for the past 10 years while commiting horrendous crimes in both places. Not to mention droning Pakistani civilians on daily basis for the past 3 years.

2. The terms 'Islamist' & 'Terrorist' are both invented by the same US mentioned herewith. Israel's 'terrorist' activities in Middle East, for instance, have been completely ignored by the same US from the time of Israel's inception as a country.

3. Both MKO & NIAC are self serving 'tiny' organizations & Iranian interests have no place in their agendas. Mr. Trita Parsi is not even Iranian & his interests are the top $$$ received from the Iranian regime & the promised future 'golden' positions within that regime.

4. Both the writer & the commentator below have not been in touch with the 'realities' of Iranian people lives in Iran for ages & like other 'fossils' of Shah's era look into Washington for any 'alternative.' And such is a pity.  


Of sinister parallels...

by پندارنیک on

NIAC has the potential for becoming an umbrella organization for the representation of all Iranian national interests, while MKO lacks such ability due to its organizational history, structure, and ideology.

Optically I don't see a Mulla in T. Parsi, despite some claims that he has one up in his sleeves.......That's why he's been closely watched and evaluated on a case-by-case basis........On the other hand, the Rajavis and the rest of the MKO's leadership not only look like a bunch of cultist terrorists, but also they  actually are.

The dreadful absence of an alternative to NIAC sometimes scares me off too. Do you happen to have a suggestion in that regard, dear Fred?!