NIAC Lobby stumbles


by Fred

To set the record straight, the recent court ruling in the lawsuit brought by “Trita Parsi and National Iranian American Council, against Seid Hassan Daioleslam”, DOES NOT prove NIAC Lobby is an agent of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR).

Due to lack of supporting evidence by the plaintiffs, the Federal Judge dismissed NIAC Lobby and its lifetime president’s defamation suit against someone who accused them of doing so, period.

However, the ruling has many lessons, just a few:

1- When a lobby goes after a critic, it better have all its ducks in a row, NIAC Lobby did not.

2- When a lobby loses the case and turns around and calls it a victory, it brings into view the out of whack ethics of the lobby more than all its critics could ever have.

3- When a lobby is forced to admit to have been doing lobbying, albeit at " 20%", whereas it was denying doing any prior to its lawsuit against the person who was accusing them of lobbying activity, it opens the floodgates to what else they are not revealing.

If as it claims to be a “501(c)(3) non-profit education organization” , NIAC Lobby has to become transparent, stop ignoring relevant questions, threatening critics with legal actions and conducting organized smear campaigns.

Questions are not going away, NIAC Lobby respond!


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IRI/Oil mafia lobby

by vildemose on

IRI/Oil mafia lobby


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Small Step for Freedom of Speech

by Faramarz on


"That's one small step for freedom of speech, one giant leap for Iranian-American kind!"

Thank you Neil Armstrong, and rest in peace!



How Embarassing

by seannewyork on

I have no idea how NIAC thinks they had victory.  They were exposed with so many emails the they did not want the public to see.

 I just talked to a few people who supported them in the past because they were tricked and now said they want to be as far away as possible from them becuae how tight they are with Zarif and IRI.

I think it is a total failure and pr nightmare.



by Demo on