NIAC lobby board member in Tehran Expat Conference

by Fred

The aftermath of the three-day all-expenses-paid “Grand Conference of Iranians Living Abroad” is still dominating the “news” back in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

Different Islamist Rapist factions are using the paid for expatriate Iranians as political piñata to score their own particular point.

What is clear though is that a group of Iranians accepted Islamist Rapists’ invitation to be compensated propaganda actors and actresses to shore up image of IRR. Or as New York Times quote the organizers of the show explaining the thought behind it as:

“lying media organizations outside the country with the aim of painting a black picture of the situation in Iran have created an incorrect impression such that some of our countrymen do not have a bright and clear picture of Iran,”

What is also clear is that at least one of those paid for Iranians, Elaheh Ensani, is a board member of NIAC lobby.

In the report New York Times has on the subject of the Grand Conference it quotes Trita Parsi identifying him as “a scholar based in the United States who writes about Iran” and not his main occupation as the irreplaceable lifetime president of NIAC lobby.

Given that at least one of his board members is on the record to have been a paid actress in an IRR propaganda show, he personally and his lobby have some explaining to do or at the very least position to take vis-à-vis their board member’s behavior.


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Dear "I despise..."

by Q on

I'm heartened to hear your sincere devotion to the freedom of speech, first amendment and UNDHR.

If you ever have your own Iran democracy rally where you are responsible for obtaining and paying for the permit, please let me know. I would love to attend with 100s of my friends carrying yellow Hezbollah flags knowing that you would not ask us to leave. In fact, we can disrupt you anytime you have any gathering whatsoever knowing you value our presence.

Thanks for your "brilliant" analysis of how individual rights and freedom of speech works! It's only the rights of the disrupters that matter, never the rights of the people who organize and are legally responsible for the rally!!! Such universalist genius!

I despise fascists and stalinists

Darius didn't lie,

by I despise fascists and st... on

Babak Talabi

you said it in your post that you engaged the police against Iranians who were carrying Shir 0 Khorshid flags. So, how can you accuse Mr. Darius of being a liar.
It's very offensive that you would treat your fellow countrymen with so much contempt in a rally to protests IRI's undemocratic ways. If this is your way, what is the difference betwen you, and your organization, and the Mullah regime.
How dare you decide for protestors in the United States what flag/symbol they can carry you. I urge you read the US constitution, particularly the First Amendment and the UNDHR to understand democracy, individual rights and freedom of expression.
Next time you organise a protest, I make sure not to attend because I don't want to be told what I can carry, wear or display.

Babak Talebi

Darius Kadivar - you are a liar ;)

by Babak Talebi on

"Last time it was Babak Talebi their spokesperson who was replaced after
he made a fool of himself on Capitol Hill asking Police to force
Demonstrators carrying the Shiro Khorsheed Flag to leave ..."


Mr. Kadivar - your continued insitance to lie and misrepresent the truth would be meaningless if it were not for the fact that far too many here actually believe your words....

The quote above is from you last post... a few things for you to consider:

1) I left NIAC on very good terms in December of 2008 

2) The video was made during the July 25 2009 "United4Iran" rally in Washington DC

3) You can characterize that video any way you like, but I am proud to have helped organize a rally of 4000+ fellow Iranians and supporters of the Iranian people who were willing to put aside their personal political beliefs for one day - and join hands to support the Green movement inside Iran after the election and all the brave souls inside that country.

4) It is unfortuante that your devotion to the 'sheer o khorshid' blinds you to the unity that 95% of people of Iranian ancestory felt in those post-election days.... and that you'd choose to support the 100 extremists with flags who tried to ruin that day of unity for the rest of the 4000 who marched that day.


if you were honest - you'd post THESE videos:

and you'd notice there were NO Flags among the main protest, march, or rally participants... it was only the 100 or so extremists who the Police seperated from the main group for most of the day that this was an issue.


my only regret in all the effort and energy over those many weeks and months is that we never had the media and propeganda machinery that you Shahis had... its truly a shame what the LA TV stations did in particular during that period.

Via Chris Davis

No, I am an American

by Via Chris Davis on

A few of the commentators on this forum have asked me who I am and why I
believe I have a say on matters here since I am not Iranian.

Well, we are in America, is registered in the US and as an
American, I am very concerned about the future of the US and very
concerned about efforts to drag the US and Iran into a war.

As a blogger and journalist, I try to raise awareness about efforts by
shadow groups to start such a war. This means that I follow the
neo-cons, to see what they are doing. And for reasons they have to
explain, the neo-cons are very much focused on Iran right now and any
group that stands in their way in an efficient manner. That is where
NIAC comes in.

If readers here already are aware of the techniques Fred and other paid
neo-con PR associates use, then my efforts are redundant. But the many
attacks against me here indicates to me that my work can be of much
value to you.

Thank you.  

(Incidentelly, the attacks against me for this simple blog post is what
is called "attack the messanger". Instead of addressing the issue I
raise, they swarm the website with attacks against me, to change the
subject away from what I actually wrote)


Chris Davis

by benross on

Are you Iranian? Fred is. He can write blogs in Persian. Can you? If you are not Iranian, what is your business with NIAC?

BTW Darius Kadivar himself was the first who gave the updated info about Ensani being and EX board member of NIAC.

I'm an Iranian. I don't live in U.S and I don't give a damn about U.S local organizations or your fight with AIPAC. I just recognize who is an Iranian freedom seeker and who is not. Ensani is not. And she is an ex member of NIAC. Are you Iranian Chris?

Via Chris Davis

Fred is a known liar

by Via Chris Davis on

I have studied the work tactic of the neo-cons for quite some time, and the case of NIAC has popped up several times due to the immense resources the neo-cons and the Israel lobby have undertaken to destroy this group.

I am in the process of writing a larger article, due to my identification the real identity of Fred and a few others on this forumwho constantly attack NIAC and propagate a pro-Israeli agenda. Without revealing too much, I have also identified the New York based PR firm that pays and trains "Fred." 

in the process of writing this article, I have reached out to a few people, including Dr. Trita Parsi. HAving spoken to him just a few days ago in Washington, it is clear to me that he never attended any conference in Tehran. In fact, his quote in the New York Times is very dismissive of the idea of holding such conferences.

But it is a perfect case of how the neo-con machine works. They take a piece of information, take it out of context, add a lot of innuendo and lies to it, then they blast it out via 10-15 different paid bloggers and by that, they work to slowly but surely discredit and destroy any organziation that stands in their way. 

For instance, it is clear from the NIAC website that Elaheh Enssani served on the NIAC board 2006-2007. Darius Kadivar, however, on this forum, makes the claim that NIAC removed her from their board the minute this "controversy" occured.

Kadivar, a self-described monarchist, whose idol Pahlavi has long collaborated with the neo-cons and the Israel lobby, uses a technique the neo-cons call "referenced half-truth".

It is very effective. You state a half-truth, such as "Ensanni served on the NIAC board but was kicked off as soon as the controversy occurred". It is a half truth. Ensani did serve on the board, but she hasn't been on the board for 3 years now. Only half the statement is true - the most important part is a lie.

But you then add a reference - in this case a link.

The reference gives the impression that the statement is backed up with facts. 99% of readers won't click on the link. And the 1% who do, will usually not pick up the part that isn't true. As a result, the vast majority of readers will be left with the impression that Kadivar - who clearly knows that he is lying - is speaking the truth and has evidence to back himself up. 

Now, i am not saying that Kadivar works for the same firm in New York as Fred does. But if one looks at the traffic he creates on, it is clear that he spends a significant amount of time here. Either he is unemployed or he does get some indirect comensation for his inolvement in the neo-con machinery. 

I am not very familiar with the community of Iranian-Americans, but I know that these techniques are extremely effective in the Arab community due to their propensity to believe in conspiracy theories. 

Iranian-Americans would be wise to keep their eyes open to ensure they aren't fooled by the the neo-con propagandists on






He is Elaheh Ensani!!!

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

Given that at least one of his board members is on the record to have
been a paid actress in an IRR propaganda show, he personally and his
lobby have

 Trita Parsi identifying him as “a scholar based

Fred posses a fair English skill!! however, this time he is mixing up the prounouns, him and her or she and he. What happened? no help avialiable from Jpost last night??

ram jams



by Q on

We claim to be fighting against "thugs" who rule by fear and intimidation, but this is public relations, of course we use the same tactics to frighten and intimidate our own opponents into submission. Under no circumstances can we have "peace" or "dialogue" with Iran. There cannot be any negotiation which could possibly prevent a conflict. We want a conflict, so we have to kill all peaceful exchanges.

The best way to accomplish this is to attack the individuals, since they are weak and we have a whole organization behind us. To maximize the effect, we will be anonymous but attack those with real names and careers, sort of like how we fire those professors who question Israel through agitation and intimidation. This way, there is no risk to us, but we can destroy other lives with impunity. That's what we call "human rights".

This has been a FredCo translation.


"expersts" with "PhD" in which subjects exactly?

by yousef on

Who knows what the field of "experties" of this herd of sandis eating scum bags is and who cares really?

Let's face it, we had people who do anything for a bit of money before , and we have them now and we will have them in furure. Just look at some of the comments from islamist mozdoors here. The good thing is they dont matter. They have already ran away from Iran hiding in the west, before the real battle has even started.....



Mien Führer 3

by Fred on

Mien Führer in defense of your Islamist rapist propaganda show you say:

“iranian expats get to use the opportunity to get to know more about the regime up close instead of reading second hand reports of people with agenda.

expats get to travel to see their relatives”


So what your Islamist Rapist regime tells its paid for guests is the "agenda" free truth?

And getting to visit relatives on Iranian people’s money is a good excuse to participate in the Islamist rapists’ show?

And how come these honorable guests couldn’t pay for their own travel to visit their relatives, especially since they boast about being so successful?


You are too green, do not skip class.


what % of

by ahmad_ on

the viewers of this tv program are non-iranians?

if they are mostly iranians then why don't they speak farsi throughout the program?

this is very degrading. 


i dont get what the fuss is about


benefits of this conference:

* further erodes the foundation of the regime and their stupid value system (notice they had to accommodate the expats by revealing themselves as hypocrites in the eyes of the population)
* more infighting between regime figures
* iranian expats get to use the opportunity to get to know more about the regime up close instead of reading second hand reports of people with agenda
* expats get to travel to see their relatives

people should welcome such conference. it is a net positive in my book. its about the end game, not tactics. (so long as it doesnt end up in murder)

As for your blatant nonsense, Fred. Quit your spin and lies. You are too neocon.

Javadagha is promoting lies and terrorism.

by Javadagha on is promoting lies and terrorism.  I read the article in New York Times; where does it say someone from NIAC attended the Conference?

The title of "NIAC lobby board member in Tehran Expat Conference" is a lie. is promoting lies and terrorism.


Mien Führer 2

by Fred on

Again mien Führer, your wacky Islamist logic and ethical standards forbids you to look at what is in front of your face.  Trying to make excuses for the inexcusable is the only thing you got to do.

After all you are defending a rapist regime, nothing but can be expected of you.


look in the mirror fred


"Well, there is a name for people who perform despicable, unsavory acts for money."

coming from someone who gets off on spinning away neoconservative talking points on, that is rich.

And what exactly do you know about these persons who attended? did you, in your infinite wisdom look into their lives and their history?


 “They brought a couple

by benross on

 “They brought a couple of hundred of us here, all with Ph.D.’s and M.D.’s, just to listen to their propaganda,” 

You get payed for that... and you pay for that. 


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer, as the one who posted the report I did read the entire report. The problem with you Islamists is that you have a very fuzzy sense of ethics.

For your crowd having accepted to participate in your Islamist Rapist propaganda show is ok as long as it is to use the opportunity to visit the family on Iranian people’s dime.

Well, there is a name for people who perform despicable, unsavory acts for money.  


picking choosing quotes to suit your neocon agenda


I guess the propagandist Fred did not read this part of the article:

To some of the visitors, the trip was nothing more than a junket to visit relatives, paid for by a government they despised. One attendee grinned when asked about the conference. “They brought a couple of hundred of us here, all with Ph.D.’s and M.D.’s, just to listen to their propaganda,” said the man, an engineering professor who left Iran 30 years ago and now lives in the United States. “Lots of us just wanted to see our families.”


Photographs of the musical performance, in which women could be seen wearing head scarves much looser than those usually required at government events, were published on hard-line Web sites and drew outrage. When female musicians played for the crowd, two clerics left the hall in protest, said a report on the Tabnak Web site.

The conference clearly pissed off the conservatives in Iran.

And who are you to judge why these people attended the conference?


Thanks to DK

by comrade on

...And his video link.

I knew these creatures would have never missed Toronto. 

Toronto, Canada as I have been verifiably told is one of IRI's holiest cities.

“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”


Darius Kadivar

And Miracle !! ... She is no more on NIAC Advisory Board

by Darius Kadivar on

Tiens Tiens ...

Prof. Elahe Ensanni, 2006-2007

Former Board and Advisory Board Members

Funny each time there is a controversy at NIAC they manage to get rid of their members discreetly or replace them ... Last time it was Babak Talebi their spokesperson who was replaced after he made a fool of himself on Capitol Hill asking Police to force Demonstrators carrying the Shiro Khorsheed Flag to leave ... 

Sargord Pirouz

Fred, you're such a bozo. At

by Sargord Pirouz on

Fred, you're such a bozo. At least get your facts straight, if you're going to try and smear folks.

Professor Elaheh Ensani is not a board member of NIAC. The professor is a former board member (2006-2007).

And NIAC is not a lobby, it isn't registered as such. You can accuse it of such, but then you can accuse anybody of anything and everything, which is typical.

Good for the Professor for attending. Next year there'll be another conference, and the year after that another, etc. etc. Meanwhile, you'll still be throwing daily temper tantrums here at IC. Pathetic.



by Fred on

Thank you Darius for finding the video, I am always amazed at your ability and knowledge.

Thanks again.  

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Dr. Elaheh Ensani NIAC Member presents herself (IranicanTV)

by Darius Kadivar on

Iranican sits down with special guests Dr. Elaheh Ensani and Ms. Roya Soleimani to discuss the case of Sharif University alumni detained in San Francisco.


As far as I know,

by Marjaneh on

the only thing that's going for the lobby is its anti-war stance.


„Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera."- Pablo Neruda