Navid in captivity


by Fred

Just imagine what it takes to be a Baha’i, a native Iranian religion detested by the folk running IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, and having been barred from attending university due to that religious belief , and still having the passion to be a human rights activist.

That is the case with Navid Khanjani, a young Iranian man who was just sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment.

HRANA, Human Rights Activists News Agency report which is translated and augmented by the untiring people at the Persian2English reports:

“The four-page sentence handed down to his lawyer Shima Ghoosheh on January 30, 2011 is the longest prison term that a human rights activist has received. His trial took place on December 20, 2010. Navid Khanjani was charged with “Acting against national security”, “Propaganda against the regime”, “Disturbing public order”,  “Libel”, “Founding the Baha’i Education Rights Committee”, and “Membership in [two human rights organizations], the Committee of Human Rights Reporters (CHRR) and Human Rights Activists (HRA)”. 

In another written sentence, which was previously given to his lawyer, Navid Khanjani was also banned from leaving the country.”

Iran and Iranians are blessed to have people like Navid, and hundreds upon hundreds like him.  There will come the time when these unsung heroes will be recognized and appreciated by the emancipated Irainans. For now, they are being abused by the Islamist Rapists who hold Iran and Iranians hostage with design to do the same to the world once they get their nuke.


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