Name change

by Fred

Those who have passed by the British Embassy in Tehran know about the name of the street it is located on, Bobby Sands.

Robert Gerard Sands, known as Bobby sands was a member of the provisional Irish Republican Army who on 5th of May 1981 died on hunger strike while at HM Prison Maze.

To show solidarity with his plight and cause, IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic replaced Churchill’s name with his.  An additional street in northern Tehran, the Elahieh neighborhood, is also named after him.

The reason for recalling this name change episode has to do with the hunger strike going on right this moment in the notorious Evin prison where Islamist Rapists incarcerate many of Iran’s freedom fighters.

Wouldn’t it be the right and just move for the civilized and sane world to rename the streets where Islamist Rapists’ embassies are located in their countries?

There are many names to choose from, just take your pick and rename those streets now.

It is the very least civilized world can do.


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by benross on

Why are you stupid? Not fair question. You can't answer that. Because you are stupid.


The "Souther [sic] Baptist" speaks

by Fred on

Is this Islamist joojeh-Basiji kind of gutter language and mentality what they teach you in your “Souther [sic] Baptist Church”?


Would it be right for some worthless

by IranSam on

C0ck sucken honkey and honkey nut-huggers to run thier mouth about shit they know nothing about? No!

Do they do it? Sure each and every day. Just honkeys being honkeys.