Moral decadence


by Fred

Although one has to look past the menacingly arrayed military personnel, the signs are all in plain sight. Sooner rather than later the ruling Islamist Rapist Republic will be nothing but another forgotten road bump in the long history of Iran.

The wholesale mismanagement of the unrefined oil export based economy in addition to the embedded systematic cronyism, nepotism, graft and corruption will hasten the pace.  So will the endemic state of siege mentality of the ruling Islamists and their barbaric routine torture, rape and murder of not only their opposition but the offspring of their own supporters as well which does not foretell longevity in IRR’s lifeline. But none of these embolic Islamist traits in of themselves will do IRR in.

The ultimate cause of IRR death is manifested through the justification of its outlandishly criminal behavior by its supporters who bill themselves as representing a certain morality based school of religion.

This total disintegration of humanistic value system is best exemplified by the recent loutish joshing around between the Speaker of the Islamist Assembly, Congress, and couple of his deputies.  Unaware of an open microphone broadcasting live nationwide the “voting” on the new cabinet, the “people’s elected representatives” are jokingly threatening one another with a confinement at Kahrizak should some cheating be committed.  Kahrizak is the notorious detention center where verified reports attest to torture, murder and raping of men, women and underage teenagers being committed by the officials of the IRR.  The ultimate nail in the coffin of the IRR is this moral decadence.


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  Excerpt from Time:

by vildemose on


Excerpt from Time: “The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), or Sepah for short in Farsi, is widely believed to have played a large role in orchestrating the crackdown on political dissidents and protesters following the disputed presidential election. Its political influence within the regime has always far exceeded the actual army’s, and it has increased exponentially since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected to office in 2005. But the speculation among Iranian opposition sources is that, these days, the IRGC’s powerful patron — whose second term officially began last week — has now become its puppet, falling under the influence of a gang of security chiefs (the so-called New Right) that harbor schemes to further radicalize the regime or topple it in a military takeover.”,8599,1915918,00.html

Jahanshah Rashidian

Mullahs will "talebanise"

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Mullahs will "talebanise" our society once the oil is sold off. They not only intimidate all our existence, but also the entire region, if not mankind. In short, Iran, as pioneer of mankind, is at war with the occupying rapist Mullahs. The Islamist rapists know how they are hated by Iranians and mankind. Their  fall is a rule of history. It is also accelerated by their inners issues over the tactics of occupation, and like any occupying army, over the possession of war booty--state mafia.


Fantastic as usual.

by vildemose on

Fantastic as usual.

Fascism, especially in its early stages,  isfrankly opportunistic in order to appeal to many diverse groups. .In Germany a socialist movement  called  the National Socialist German Workers' party (Nazi party) appealed to working class, especially the unemployed ( Basiji youth movement counterparts). Hitler also gained the support of the middle class ruined by inflation.  However, it was not until 1933 that Hitler could carry through his plans for making Germany a fascist state and the National Socialists the sole legal party in the country.  

The parallels are so uncanny and kind of eerie; the military seige mentality  inherent in fascist philosophy and   systematic aggression of the Nazi movement are clearly evident in the IRI. Fascist states view  that  peaceful, complacent nations are seen as doomed to fall, making  aggressive militarism a natural stage in their development. I don't think we are quite at the last stage of radicalization of a fascist states. In order for that to happen, the state needs a "war". I'm afraid, this will come as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is how the stages unfold according to Paxton:

...  History tells us that once this alliance catalyzes and makes a successful bid for power, there's no way off this ride. As Dave Neiwert wrote in his recent book, The Eliminationists, "if we can only identify fascism in its mature form—the goose-stepping brownshirts, the full-fledged use of violence and intimidation tactics, the mass rallies—then it will be far too late to stop it." Paxton (who presciently warned that "An authentic popular fascism in the United States would be pious and anti-Black") agrees that if a corporate/brownshirt alliance gets a toehold -- as ours is now scrambling to do -- it can very quickly rise to power and destroy the last vestiges of democratic government. Once they start racking up wins, the country will be doomed to take the whole ugly trip through the last two stages, with no turnoffs or pit stops between now and the end.

    What awaits us? In stage four, as the duo assumes full control of the country, power struggles emerge between the brownshirt-bred party faithful and the institutions of the conservative elites -- church, military, professions, and business. The character of the regime is determined by who gets the upper hand. If the party members (who gained power through street thuggery) win, an authoritarian police state may well follow. If the conservatives can get them back under control, a more traditional theocracy, corporatocracy, or military regime can re-emerge over time. But in neither case will the results resemble the democracy that this alliance overthrew.

    Paxton characterizes stage five as "radicalization or entropy." Radicalization is likely if the new regime scores a big military victory, which consolidates its power and whets its appetite for expansion and large-scale social engineering. (See: Germany) In the absence of a radicalizing event, entropy may set in, as the state gets lost in its own purposes and degenerates into incoherence.