Moharam is coming!


by Fred

By now it is evident and out in the open for every one to see that IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s survivability is directly tied to the duration and increasing amount of barbarity it can publicaly mete out to the enslaved Iranians.   

Based on observable facts on the ground the dissatisfaction is not about “stolen votes” wanting to replace one Islamist with another or a “civil rights movement” as some career opportunists, mostly lefties, with penchant for leadership, spotlight with a microphone and foundation grants make it out to be. It is about unmitigated change of direction, Poindexters!

When you have women, men and high school age children from all walks of life knowingly and continuously risk being raped, tortured or murdered, you got to know this nationwide movement with matching slogans is not going to be corralled and managed toward some limited corrective measures within the confines of IRR.

As the most loyal and hardcore Islamist Rapists and their enablers have realized this is the tip of the iceberg, the main body is yet to emerge. As is, IRR is having problem controlling it and has already seen its steady diet of propaganda, rape, torture, random murders and usage of hot button issues have all lost their intended effect.

The Islamist Rapists also know better than anyone that in less than a week month of Moharam begins.  And they will have a whole month of everyday cat and mouse playing to do with their opponents who are going to come at them in the form of devout observers of Shite religious mourners.  

This Islamist Rapist Republic is detested by the overwhelming majority of Iranians, anyone who denies this or tries to paint the ongoing events in anything but what eyes and ears can see and hear, is either not running on all cylinders or has an ulterior motive and agenda.

Before it is too late and the nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists desperate to break the momentum of the opposition instigate a war on Iran and the region, the sane world has to wake up.

To quicken the ending and minimizing the cost in Iranian lives being lost in this untenable situation, imposition of airtight sanctions and empowering the democracy craving Iranians with open, unrelenting moral and material support to overthrow the beacon of Islamist menaces is a must. Time is of the essence.


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More blah blah blah...

by Bavafa on

The best tactic neo-cons/Zionist have used in the recent history, make up some non-sense bull$hit, keep repeating it till it is becomes accepted by the masses. You know, Saddam was in one of those plane on 9/11, the Neo-cons would love you to believe.



military corporate fascism has been awake!

by kharmagas on

Fred says: "the sane world has to wake up."

Fred, your sane world (the military corporate fascism) has been awake. If you remember, one of its spokesmen (Joe Scarborough) a couple of weeks before the start of the latest Iraq war said that the real objective was to sandwich Iran, and then go in. ..... however as you know, dreams of the the ruthless beast have turned into nightmares.


Excellent Job Fred

by mahmoudg on

As usual you are on the mark.  We heard this week President Obama's acceptance speech, have more of a Bushesque theme than a liberal democract one.  In his speech he gave more reasons to start a war with Iran than dialogue or sanctions.  Am not in the least bit a fan of Bush/Chenney fiasco, but do support a joint US/Israel pre-emptive long term military strike(s) on the assets of the regime.  The same overwhelming majority of the Iranians you talk about would then sweep the regime whose shakey foundation by then is crumbling.  The Sepah and Basij would not last more than a week of pounding.  Most would shave their beards and loose the Turaban to join the green and shout louder than most to support a secular Western style democary and judicial system.  To that day, Fred.



Do Iranians want sanctions?

by AMIR1973 on

The pro-democracy protestors inside Iran have become ever more courageous in their demonstrations, burning pictures of Khamenei, and calling for an Iranian (as opposed to Islamic) republic. However, does one have evidence that they have called for airtight sanctions in their slogans or communiques, as it were (e.g. in the underground newspaper "Khiaban")? Is there evidence that Iranians living there (most of whom probably oppose the regime) support such sanctions? If such evidence is available, then it could provide some strength to pro-sanctions arguments. I know that fear of the state serves as a major deterrence to the free expression of political opinions; despite that fact, they have shown that they are sufficiently fear-averse to burn pictures of Khamenei.


Excellent Post Fred

by masoudA on

IRR is having a huge dilema on it's hand this Ashura.   On one hand people are preparing for the biggest Ashura ever, planning a multi-million carnival in an era in which Iranians finally see an opportunity to take revenge on Yazid!!  On the other hand most entities that in the past sponsored Ashura events, are now on the anti Ahmadinejad camp and are most likely to assist with the planned carnival and the unpredictable festivities which may include some interesting "Taazieh".    Now IRR is stuck with a dilema.    The Sineh Zani groups that IRR used to stage will be very thin this year, unless like the past years Khamenei uses all his resources and paid goons to attend.   But if he does that, he will be left with nobody to sarkoob potential protests emerging out of the carnival.  

Staying focused and Looking Ahead - ignoring the trolls.


Keep on distracting!


In a civilized society one would expect its members to know a thing or two about majority opinions or even international rule of law.

Of course given that Likudniks and their enablers including their like minded Zionists, conflict seeking allies and their useful idiot bloggers mindset, they
are always exempted from accepted normal civilized modes of conduct. 


Keep on trucking!

by Fred on

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery aside, there is a point that bears mentioning.

In the civilized world when one uses parts of anyone else’s material, giving citation is a must.

Of course given that Islamist Rapists and their enablers including their likeminded Anti-Semites, lefty allies and mien Führers’ mindset, they are always exempted from accepted normal civilized modes of conduct.

Keep on trucking!


war is coming!


Based on observable facts on the ground the Iranians who continuously risk being raped, tortured and imprisoned, reject sanctions that will harm the public. Of course there will be some who would reject Iranians's rejection of sanctions, the hawkish pro-sanction, some pro war individuals, mostly exiles, with penchant for getting back at regime (regardless of the consequences) , spotlight with a featured blog post every day and possibly paychecks from foreign institutions.  It is about helping the poor oppressed Iranian people, Poindexters!