The martyr Bin Laden

by Fred

Although it came as no surprise, but the disgustingly brazen delivery of it was unexpected.

Ismail Haniyeh, one of the head honchos in the Islamist terrorist group Hamas, has condemned the killing of Osama Bin Laden in a firefight with the American forces.Haniey said:

"We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior. We ask God to offer him mercy with the true believers and the martyrs."

Given that Haniyeh and his terrorist organization is a paid and armed puppet of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. And given that Al-Manar satellite TV, which carried his remarks belongs to the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists, is also an IRR paid for entity, it stands to reason the order must have come from their Islamist terrorism HQ in occupied Iran.

All those Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies who incessantly back Hams terrorists, have got some explaining to do about their cause célèbre considering the mass murderer Bin Laden as a “ Martyr.”   




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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

no matter how terrible Osama was, US should not have assasinated an unarmed man.

Of really! This was self defense. I said many time that I oppose Capital Punishment. I do not oppose self defense. OK say OBL was "unarmed". He was just directing suicide bombers to blow up people. May I remind you that Iranians were among 911 victims. Why do you defend this SOB? Did Israel know about it? Maybe. Did Bush know about it: Probably.

None of this absolves OBL of doing what he did. And he was proud of it. I have no sympathy for him. Obama did the right thing and I support him. I just hope he gets to the rest of the vermin. I also remind you that Obama was not President when this happened. Maybe that is why it took Obama to remove OBL.


Guess Who Israelis Pick as Their Negative Example

by HHH on

The heads of Hamas!

Good job Freddy. Ofcourse the truth is, no matter how terrible Osama was, US should not have assasinated an unarmed man. Assasinating him gave a green light to thousands of terrorists around the world to assasinate un-armed Americans without trial. If US wants to set an example it should've arrested Osama and convicted him of his crimes and let him get punished not finish his misery so quick.

Oh, by the way, Israel knew about 9/11 before it happened and it gave the information to Bush/cheney & to many of their jewish "friends",  then Cheney used blackwater or secret government agencies to plant thermite on main columns and bring the towers down. Some individuals sold their airline stocks before 9/11 so they knew or had a hand in it. We don't know the whole story.


Neanderthals are extinct much like the credibility of scientists

by Escape on

Neanderthals are extinct much like the credibility of scientists is becoming closer to extinction as many continue to involve their unproven opinons presented as factual evidence making fools of the profession.This is quite unfortunate and just more evidence to me the current generation is full of nothingness in terms of human value but everything in grotesque selfishness.

 No Offense but this is what I think of your statement when you tell me we are all Of Neanderthal which means,somewhere I missed the grand unveiling of the Missing Link.Maybe it's just me but I'm sorry I don't considered any of the lowlife fossil evidence as any proof.

But back to the to the topic,I really must point out something that has long inquired me,and that is which these 'Islamist's should know,they are all - JEWISH if they believe in the scripture of Noah's Ark which they I do believe,they are supposed to.And I've heard plenty of skepticism but I haven't seen any scientific evidence yet to disprove the Ark and Flood as well,in fact I just divulge deeper into the evidence that it did exist,more and more so as time goes by.

And hence,since these 'believers' in Islam believe this concoction of Lies called the Quran,then why is it they do not recognize their own Jewish ancestry as being descendents from Noah?Meanwhile you find the Quran calling their own ancestors, 'Pigs' 'Infidels' and making war with them thruout history.

No they have painted stripes on themselves and claimed their stripes,are better than one anothers.Which is completely religiously and violently driven by Islam,unlike any other religion compares in terms of 'Tolerance'.

No it also puzzles me that so called 'Persians',I mean those who believe they are proud of their Persian heritage,completely throw out the acts of King Cyrus and Darius and join the Babylonians,the Ottomans,the Saladins and 'Muhammad' over the obvious existance of Jews in the Levant for thousands and thousands of years..(which is what I mean when I say- Isreal)...




pseudo intllectual nonsense

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Instead of all these meaningless abstarcts, just say clearly (in English or farsi as most of us do not understand arabic) that you hate Jews.

In return I'll not question your avatar, nor shall I ask who pays you to write this BS or how many more user ID's you got, and will not mention that  talking to yourself is a sure sign of serious mental disorder!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Israel & Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We the Iranians and they the Israeli are natural allies. I have been advocating an total alliance between the two non-Arab nations. We both have common interests and no real disputes.

We have common enemies who want our land. They want to destroy us and our culture. For thousands of years Iranians and Israeli have been allies. It is only since the advent of modern Islamism that we got in an argument. When we did support the Palestinians they turned on us the first opportunity. Who helped us: The Israeli. I will always remember the words of an Israeli official: We were not going to sit back and watch Iran be destoryed by Arabs.

I do not care how much the Islamists are going to jump on me. The truth is that we are better off with the Israeli. Sooner we realize and act on this the better. This is not the first nor the the last  time I am going to say this. 


Aren"t we all a bit Neanderthalians - and hence the natives ?

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Escape, in case you believe in science and don"t throw this away in the lefty-liberal corner as well, have a look in the recent genetic anthropology research of our ancestors: It shows there is a bit of Neanderthalian heritage in all of us.

And at least in Europe, they should got the credit of the real, real natives. Hope they don"t unite and claim back their neanderthalian property. But I"m a bit worried this whole issue has little to do with Iran any more.

btw, what is the meaning of "Isreal" in your post ?  Do you want to say something like "Israel is-real". God point, write this to MA who still refuses Israel is a real state.


You're not left,your Neanderthal to tell the Natives they don't

by Escape on

  You think left means you have the right to tell the native people of Isreal they don't belong in Isreal?

You think the humans of the world should live in cages,lines drawn in sand and human beings should not roam the earth?

You're not left,your a neanderthal.


Israel and Iran

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

I don"t know if one needs sharps claws to state that I only trust Israel and Iran (of causes after the mullahs have been send into "retirement") to shape the future of the middle-east. And if they finally manage to go together and join their strength, the region will change for prosperity and stability. And this, b.t.w. will also make any old-fashioned left-right classification obsolete.


"The Kittie of lefty allies sharpens its claws"

by پندارنیک on

Fred's daily blog are great source of emotional and mental entertainment. He (and I don't really care if it's actually they...) is a witty knowledgeable man with a great sense of humor, a defined mission and a disciplined routine who clearly understands that your comment is in fact directed at him.
I hope you will roam around for a long, long time sharpening your claws.

And if you have time for a piece of advice from an old-timer: Beware of JJ. He is in neutering business!!



by hirre on

Hitler was also democratically elected, maybe all nations in the world should have respected that too...

I can not show respect to an entity, whether it is democratically elected, whether it is a majority, a minority, whether it is the public opinion or not, if that same entity commits crimes against humanity and also states this as its general agenda.

It is one thing for a country to bomb another country, but it is a whole other scenario when a group, like Hamas, has a official goal to destroy a whole other country and its countrymen and at the same time is willing to kill innocent palestinians for that cause...

The election of Hamas was false. It was false because people felt they had no other choice and many were filled with hate. It is like when someone confesses during torture, it should be valid. The same people will vote for more moderate forces if they would get peace, social justice and a stable economy. There were no better alternatives which could keep promises during the Hamas elections...


The Kittie of lefty allies sharpens its claws

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Hi پندارنیک,

Thanks for the idea of this funny alias "Kittie of left allies". I might use it occasionally as a new Blog identity, if you don"t mind. But to be honest,  classifications such as left or right tell next to nothing about a personality. They are useful in a bipolar society, which is split in friends and enemies.

If you consider left as the opposite to dump patriotism, aggresive nationalism, dogmatic religious surprematism and the like than I am happy to be considered left. I think in the US they even use left as synonym for liberal and tolerant. But what I strongly disagree is your association of left politics with anti-semitism. This has absolutely nothing to do with each other, sorry. Israels founders were not only somehow left, they were mainly dedicated socialists. The apparent global link of the arab states with socialist ideology and of israel with western democracy was the result of the polarization of the world during the cold war.


Can I say something else too?

by پندارنیک on



I'm happy that a friend advised me to read the articulate comments of the Persian cat, just a moment ago. 

I have a weird feeling which tells me that Fred's trademark signature will soon change to:

"All those Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles, and kitties of lefty allies"...




Just a couple or so simple questions

by پندارنیک on



Hamas was a democratically elected political party, wasn't it? 

What differentiates revenge and justice? If not from a moral point of view then from a circumstantial one.

Is the world a safer place now?

How are you, my friend?

Artificial Intelligence

Great Blog Fred!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Hamas deserved what it got from the Israelis. Hamas deserves 100 times more.


Osama and the 9/11 conspiracy

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

But you have to agree, Fred, it would have been big fun to see the fight of arguments between Ben Laden (who anxiously claims responsibility for 9/11 by his baby Al Qaida) and the conspiracy folks (who are sure it was all a CIA work). Such a debate would surely be of a Monty-Pythons level and should have been broadcasted. Too sad that we will miss this entertainment now that the main character was killed. Maybe some creative kids re-enact this debate on Youtube  .

In terms of a decline of support for the islamic terrorists I hope you are right. This would also deprive the mullah regime one of their main international bases.


To whom belongs the world ?

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Mahmoud, I understand your anger seeing your country ruled by criminals. But it is neither their religion nor their blood or their genes or their ancestors you should blame. These are all just surrogates for a criminal political network. The mullah regime that tries to keep the iranian people in state of mental slavery obviously miss-uses religion (as it happend in history again and again, not only with islam but similarily with christian religion or Hindi).

If you are so firm in your statement that a country belongs to a certain ethnic group ("Jews are the historical owners of that land, as the Persians are the historical owners of theirs"), than tell me whom belongs the United States ? Surely, then to the native americans. Whom belongs the UK ? I don"t know if there are any of the native Brittons left. What we call today english is a mixture of anglo-saxons (from germany), normans (from France), romans (from Italy), celtic (from the Alps). All of them were invaders to the British Isle, all of them fought against the rural population (the ancient owners of this land).

A raesonable (but only legal) solution would be like the US or France handle it: everybody can become their citizen if he/she respects the constitution. No preference for any race, religion, eye colour or eating habit.

But apart from such a minimal consensus for citizenship one might also ask who has gained more merits for a country. Here I could follow your argument, that Israel as we know it today is so much the result of the pioneering work of the jewish immigrants of the last century, that they have simply worked hard to get ownership of the country (subjectively I would say more than the palestine nomads). But this is not as black or white: for sure the persians have coined the iranian country and its culture, arts, architecture a lot. But they were not the only nation there: you probably know better than me how significant was the beneficial contribution from other nations: language originating perhaps from sanscrit, knowledge of horse-breeding and horse carriages from inner-asia, cooking not least from Turkish, modern military from Russia, school education from the french and maybe germans. Please correct me, if there is anything completely wrong, but don"t try to convince me that the persians are the only nation that gained all of its (no doubt very impressive) achievements in a state of complete isolation from any external influences. 



by Fred on

radius-of-the-persian-cat, I too wish they had captured the Islamist mass murderer, I said so in a blog yesterday.

However, I do not think an open and fair trial would have changed anything. As is, even though he has repeatedly taken “credit” for it,  there are nuts who are still denying Osama was behind the 9/11 mass murder, there are few of them dimwits mostly of Anti-Semite persuasion around this forum too.

 I also do not think this Islamist terrorism will go away as along as there is money in it, dry up the money and see it vanish.

As the serial uprisings in N. Africa and Arab Middle East shows, it has already lost its appeal on the “Arab streets”, not a single picture of Ben Laden was ever used in the many mass rallies in all those countries including in Yemen.

The only problem I would have had with him captured alive, would have been the availability of the death penalty in the United States. 

I wanted a Rudolf Hess destiny for Osama, to live well into his 90’s and see the world passing him by and becoming better without him.


Take care,


an Arab shedding

by mahmoudg on

tear for another worthless Saudi Arab.  All of you are the same.  Without the support and the money of the people of Iran, you would be nothing.  Once we retake our country not a dime of that money is going to your pockets.  We will do no more than the Israelis are doing for the humanitarian aspects of what they do for you Palestinians, and no more.  The land belongs to the Jews and that is it, no amount of chest pounding will change that.  Jews are the historical owners of that land, as the Persians are the historical owners of theirs.  We will prevail as Arabs will not.


Killing of Osama

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Hi Fred, the idealist within me is unhappy with this "instant solution" of the a threat by Al-Qaida and its head Osama Bin-Laden. Of course, for the sake of justice and for a better understanding of the sources and forces of islamist terrorism it would be much better to have an open trial against Osama, where he could get the chance to defend himself (by whatever arguments and lies). The prototype of such an ordered trial against a mass-murder and political maniac was the 1962 cases against Adolf Eichmann in Israel. Considering a feeling of revenge, Israel would have a thousand times more reason to kill this monster right away when they discovered his safe house in Argentina. But I think the open trial against Eichmann was an important step for Israel to dismantle the nazi ideology and the show up how much it was based on bureaucracy and a "sense of duty".

It is pitty that Osama was not given the same chance of publicly destroying his ideology. Rather, the instant killing bears some resemblance to a Fatwa: Bush ordered (and Barak Obama obviously agreed) that the man has to be found, either dead or alive (maybe there was a footnote saying: preferentially dead - alive only if he can not be killed right away).  So far my idealistic mind.


But in reality there is a main difference between his case and the Eichmann trial in 1962. Nobody had to fear an international terrorists network in 1962, that would bomb and take hostages to force Israel to release Eichmann. But exactly this would have happend if Bin Laden would sit somewhere in prison now (Den Haag or US or anywhere else). Surely, the whole diffuse Al-Qaida would focus all ressources to get him free. It wouldn"t take a week or so and you would see the first innocent hostages taken somewhere in world only to get Osama free. For many people in islamic countries, he always was a hero, and they would give their lifes to rescue him.   Therefore, I can heardly imagine a realistic solution other than what the americans did yesterday morning in Pakistan.