Making a monkey out of everyone

by Fred

With the bulk of activists of all causes, hundreds upon hundreds of students, thousands of average Iranians and loads of conscientious journalists rotting in prisons, not counting the many who had to flee the country or been raped, tortured or murdered--IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has managed to stabilize the situation.

As all the hopes for the charlatan Khatami and his gang of “reformist” Islamists produced nothing but an eight year extension of misery for the Iranian people and time for the Islamist Rapists to work on their weaponized nuke, the current dwindling of prospects for “Green Movement” is proving to be a predictable disappointment as well.

It seems Islamist Rapists are now busy at the mopping up stage of their barbaric suppression operations to stamp out Iranians’ peaceful protests demanding their basic human rights, proving once again at great cost that IRR is impervious to reform.

There has to be a time when enough is enough and status quo, meaning the raping, torturing and murdering of Iranian men, women and children will no longer do.

Now that IRR is making a monkey out of basic rules of decency towards fellow human beings and established international laws from convention on human rights, money laundering, drug trafficking, support for terrorism and nuke proliferation, just to name a few, it is time for regime change.

To avoid the war Islamist Rapists are well on their way to impose on Iran and the entire ME, airtight sanctions along with openly helping Iranians to overthrow the messianic Islamists is a no-brainier and a must.


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I am not a pesimist by nature, but

by Arthimis on

I am not a pesimist by nature ,but seems to me that those Iranian people in Iran who are against the S.R.O.I (Satanic Republic Occuping Iran) are once again in hibernation and this time a somewhat self imposed one due to massive pain they have endured, all that injustice imposed on them by this EVIL regime occupying Iran!!! I no longer allow myself to judge them from outside! They tried their best with what they had in their capacities and I can only praise and respect them, God Bless...

What and who I do not respect and in fact despise as so called human beings are the ones who have betrayed Iran as a whole!!! All those who put their EVIL agenda on behalf of Iran and true Iranians! Especially those who put "Islam" in front of IRAN and still call themselves Iranian inside and outside Iran!!!! All those mercenaries who directly and indirectly supported and collaborated with the S.R.O.I!!! Those, I do not call Human Beings, I do not call Iranians!!! And like any true Iranian, certainly will never forgive and forget them for their crimes against humanity and Iran!! I pray for the day to witness a Universal Justice and Karma in this life against all of them who committed crimes!!!

Meanwhile, I wish everyone else with Consciousness, Love and Peace.