Love to make babies

by Fred

Birds do it, bees do it, in fact, one way or another, every living thing does it. But when it comes to human beings doing it, animalistic reproduction is the surest way to a guaranteed wide spread poverty, backwardness and societal malaise.

However, hearing the show president of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, one would think population explosion is just what the already overpopulated Iranian society needs.

Here is what the little Islamist Rapist said in Qazvin:

We are of the belief that God provides. And what [the motto of] two kids are enough means, in 40 years there will be no name of Iran [Iran will cease to exist].”

And he drove the point home by adding:

God is the provider and we should try not to kill generations so we would have more to consume.”

 In a word, make babies and God will provide. To see the GSS, God’s Social Services at work, the cynics can always look at next door Pakistan and a bit further in Bangladesh.


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