Looking for an Iranian to self-immolate

by Fred

Apparently to replicate the events in Tunisia and Egypt, the intelligence agencies of the sane world are desperately searching for a mentally challenged Iranian to set himself ablaze.

This revelation is according to the Iraqi born Nangdhi, the head of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s Brownshirts, a.ka. basij.The Ernst Roehm of the Islamist Rapists has also opined on the reason why Mubarak’s thugs failed and IRR’s did not. The Islamist Roehm says:

“In defending itself with the plainclothesmen, the regime in Egypt wanted to copy Iran’s Basij. However, the Egyptian plainclothesmen were treacherous and corrupt.”

Speaking of what it takes to be one of his Brownshirts, he says:

“An individual who believes in God and the Judgment day, a person who would never befriend God’s enemies, even if that enemy is their brother, father or children. These individuals do not have any doubt in defending what is right and would carry out their duties in the most trying of times.”

 Just wait until IRR gets its hands on the weaponized nuke they are developing; the Islamist Roehm and his Brownshirts will no longer be just a household name in Iran alone.



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Just look among your friends, dear Fred

by comrade on

MKO guys are good at setting themselves ablaze. 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.