Long live Imam Khomeini


by Fred

His picture might have been torn but Holy cow the homicidal buzzard is alive and gotten a deity level promotion.

Addressing a large crowd of rabid Islamists the mid-ranking cleric Shojooni, a former member of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s fake Parliament and a close buddy of the Head Rapist Khamenei among many things said the following excerpts:

That they would say Imam (Khomeini) is dead needs to be contemplated upon because in my opinion and those of the world’s dispossessed and oppressed, just as Imam Hossein is alive, Imam Khomeini is also alive and will stay so.

Also, “…I saw the Great Leader and told him that I hope the Muslim world would use its brain and you become the leader of all Islamic countries. The Leader said thank you and immediately went to do the final prayer…”

Also, “It is not about election anymore, something else is in mind. That is why I recommend that the Basijies, (Revolutionary) Guards, clergy and people on the streets hold on tight to the Rule of the Jurist and the Great Leader. And I tell the enemies of this revolution that should Master give the word, we will bite and chew the throats of these guys."

Lastly, “The Americans were planning on creating the Greater Middle East in (this) region, but to their detriment a Greater Iranian Shite Middle East which begins in Lebanon and continues to the Iranian border has been formed.”

These are no hallucinations; aside their infighting these guys are messianic Islamists on a mission. Listen to them, these are not idle talks, these are actionable plans. Before it is too late and nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists impose a catastrophe on Iran and the entire region the sane world has to wake up. Impose airtight sanction and openly help Iranian people with moral and material support to get rid of these murderers who are the beacon of Islamist menaces. Time is of the essence.



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Warning to Iranians/Persians...

by Arthimis on

Before this poor country and people go down the drain and after a massive attack changes its holy name to Islamic Republic Of Shiaestan or many other unwanted names, wake up and do something positive for Iran and iranians!!!

I agree with Fred and all those other true Iranians/Persians with honour and dignity with and toward true Love and Peace which are Persians/Iranians. These traits are True parts/pillars of Persian/Iranian Culture and not the ones of Islam or the present Evil Islamic Rapists occupying Iran.


moosirjan: Fred has zero

by vildemose on

moosirjan: Fred has zero  power to singlehandedly deliver or execute an air-tight sanction...he is just trying to get a rise out of us...lol


Right on Fred! Screw Iranians!


We support airtight sanctions. WE dont give a damn about the average Iranian who is going to suffer as a result of sanctions. Right on Fred!


And I tell the enemies of

by vildemose on

And I tell the enemies of this revolution that should Master give the word, we will bite and chew the throats of these guys."

I guess, rabid violence and murder are part of the norm and are sanctioned socially  if its done in the name of defending Islam?


If this type of  belief

by vildemose on

If this type of  belief held by those who are in charge of IRGC and Basij then we are in a deeper hole than I thought.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Islamists and Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Interesting posting. The dreams of Islamists are rapidly diverging from Iranian youth. One group has delusions of a messianic Shiite world. The other one wants a normal modern life.

The old guard was once respected by the majority. But that majority is now disillusioned and mostly replaced by younger people who do not share that point of view. The only ones left who want the Shiite world are the leftover 60's crowd and the Mullahs. Both are on their way out.

Artificial Intelligence

Right On the Money Fred

by Artificial Intelligence on



well done once again

by mahmoudg on

These rapists are on borrowed time, and when the combined American Israel might is unleashed on them, i would like to see where will their Hosseins, Mahdis and Khomeinis be then?  Well, no where but dead, burried and worthless, as they were in life.

Maryam Hojjat

Agreed Fred!

by Maryam Hojjat on

You are absolutely right about these criminal bastards.