Life support

by Fred

Despite the well organized and financed claim to the contrary, the sheer volume of evidence goes to prove one thing and one thing only, in Iran, Islamist way of life or Islamist anything is as dead as a doornail. And if it wasn't for the barbarism of the Islamist Rapist Republic, IRR, it would have already been put out to pasture by the Iranian people.

All the noise about Islam, nationalism and the inseparable union of the two and alike are to confuse the issue. Islamists are in a desperate fight to survive and will do and say anything to hold on to power.

So it is to no surprise to have rabid Islamist Rapists who never gave a damn about Iran to all of a sudden be talking lovingly of her glorious history, the same history which till not that long ago they claimed was savagery prior to imposition of new belief.

If it were not for their mad dash to get nuke- life support for monsters-to insure their longevity, in the long run they would be eliminated by Iran's natural self-preservation mechanism. But with nuke at hand Islamists would circumvent the natural elimination, destroy any ME peace process and impose further devastation on Iran and Iranians which might disintegrate the country.

To avoId such disaster for Iran, Iranians and the world,  it is vital to overthrow this messianic nuke acquiring Islamist regime bent on "managing the world".

Airtight sanctions along with material help to the Iranian people is the least costly way to go about it, the sooner it is done the greater the possibility of success.


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Sargord Pirouz

"Fred" writing Type C

by Sargord Pirouz on

The tone is a familiar one, but the grammar/punctuation mistakes and omissions makes this post difficult to read. For these reasons, it appears to fit into the classification of "Fred" writing Type C.

It's amusing to see the effect that Ahmadinejad's reception of the Cyrus artifact has had on the self-hating, anti-Iran crowd. That one of their false fears and greivances is exposed for what it is, they now scramble for the first new negative narrative that comes to mind.



this not a new thing

by Anonymous8 on

Taghooti always forget many symbols and traditions we proudly supppport, we always had pride in iran and history ort.  just not extremist about it worshiping kings instead of god. shah was opposite, always worship kurosh but not god. Y u and shah kasif never have problem with losing culture to urope and america, only problem with islam, our national religion?


islam is not dead. thats what u said 20 yrs ago!

keep dreaaming. 

Shifteh Ansari

Kourosh basiji shod!

by Shifteh Ansari on

What I find truly amusing is the schizophrenia which seems to be reigning in the Islamic Republic of Iran these days. Only a few months ago, there was talk of removing the kings from Iranian textbooks. All of a sudden we have this Kourosh-is-one-of-us-Basijis turn of events!

The amusing thing is that in Mahmoud's zeal to appear as the patriotic and rightful leader of Iran just before another United Nations appearance, he looks like neither a patriotic Iranian nor the Basiji thug that he was before. More than any other time during the past six years, this new, desperate Mahmoud is a caricature of an elected official.