Lady Ebadi’s dilemma

by Fred

On numerous occasions the lone Iranian Nobel laureate, Lady Shirin Ebadi has threatened to take IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic to “relevant International bodies” over its violation of human rights in Iran.

Needless to say as of today that long standing and often repeated threat has not materialized. It is also needless to say IRR has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be incapable of adjudicating cases of crimes against humanity committed by its own officials.

Lady Ebadi is now living permanently in the free word.  Her elderly husband was forced by Islamist Rapists to disown her on IRR’s T.V. and she seems to have gotten nowhere with her compatibility of democracy and religion nonsense a la charlatan Ali Sharaiati.

My question is why she doesn’t do what she has long threatened that she would.

God and most of those who care to know realize the human rights situation in IRR is getting worse by the day.

Lady Ebadi is an attorney, an internationally recognized personality and has access to all sorts of resources to take IRR to “relevant international bodies”.

What is she waiting for, an engraved invitation?


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Let's not ask what she could do.

by afshinazad on

This is a cruel world that all western countries support the regime and Mrs, Ebadi knows that and UN is private club for some major powers, all these sanctions and threat of war you notice every day that we hear is nothing but Win Win  to western and IRI and if one think otherwise must be brushing the facts.

She cannot do more than what she does and if we Iranian do care about our country and our nation, we all should do something, if there was a request from you or any Iranian contribute $1000 for assembly of Iranian for free Iran which has no agenda for power or wealth, would you or anybody would contribute to built the satellite national Iranian TV and organize the assembly that could direct the Iranian for right path and getting our country free from occupiers, if such a assembly created and run by true Iranian who don’t care about fame and power or the money and their main goal to unite the nation to topple the satanic regime. We have so many smart people in and out of country and we have so many rich people in and out of Iran which they could do a lot, but our problem is not one person or 100, our problem is hungry for power and we never listen to one another and we never give a credit to our oppositions. Let’s not ask one person what could do instate let’s ask what we all could do for our country and nation and our kids future.



by Fred on

Unfortunately I am not of the opinion you hold. With her Nobel Peace Prize come responsibilities, Aung San Suu Kyi is someone she might consider emulating.  


What I hear you say in defense of Lady Ebadi is that she has done all she could, which you’ll hopefully enumerate what all that she has done are.

It is just not enough for someone in her position to regurgitate the democracy is compatible with religion nonsense and constantly advance the charlatan Ali Shariati line and the bankrupt Islamist “reformer” party line.

She has repeatedly threatened to take IRR to “relevant international bodies” and she has never done so, why?

If she is afraid, that is understandable and she should publicly say so.

If she has changed her mind, that too is understandable and within her right. She has to stop threatening IRR with it and publicly announcer her new position.

Unlike the Islamist “reformers” she has long been associated with,  her position right now is ambiguous and it is not clear if she has given up on Islamists’ rule opting for secularism or not.


maybe they've threatened her husband with death?


ever considered that closet war activist Fred? Everything is easy when you are an armchair anonymous internet warrior, Fred.

ro ke nist. neshaste poshte sandali mige lengesh kon.


Fred, so easy

by gunjeshk on


so easy to assign someone like Ebadi with a superhuman task; imposing risk, intimidation and likely much, much worse on innocents in Iran connected even obliquely to her name. how do we show her that we stand behind her, are willing to take the threats and character assassination she has been subjected to?

if i were in her shoes, i doubt i could do more than what she has done. . .where are her defenders and supporters?  If we want someone like an engraved invitationto seek international justice for Iranians, maybe there ought to be less criticism overall.

she is a Muslim, a good one and has tried to live up to her understanding of Islamic belief. in that she has been more successful than almost anyone in or out Iran, to her own personal cost.  How would you like knowing that your spouse is held hostage by your self-sworn enemies because of the work you have done o advance human rights inIran. Ebadi lives outside the country because it isn't safe for her to live inside it, like many others.

maybe she isn't waiting for "an engraved invitation."

maybe she and her supporters have done all that they can given the current waves of arch-repression. maybe we have to help create the new circumstances by giving her more credit, more support and more resources. seems all we do is give her more criticism.