King BiBi

by Fred

The Wall Street, international media, banking, US Congress, White House, the entire EU, Hollywood and may be even Ballywood are all under his thumb.

The curious phenomenon about king of the world BiBi is that, he is an elected official from a democratic country.

In certain circles it is said, all his predecessors have had his power as well.

These circles are advising of the King’s upcoming American visit to order them Yankees to attack a little innocent regime which only wants to wipe a certain country off the map.

However, this king BiBi did a strange thing the other day. Apparently he ordered Hollywood to bypass bestowing the Oskar to one of his own subjects and instead give it to an Iranian.

Of course one should not discount the inherent sneakiness of the king which certain mindset attributes to how his “people” are.

Can you guess the identity of these most observant circles?


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GOD's Discount Store!

by Demo on

And of course that the one who created the King & the many many Kings before him from "a drop of liquid in their mothers' wombs" never discounts all the 'inherent sneakness of the king' & all 'the midset attributes' of his "people!" Never ever!

And no guess is needed to remind the "King BiBi," his people, & the "most observant circles," of how their creator took care of the King's predecessor who was much more powerful! than the current King:

PS: It is "Oscar" & not "Oskar" winning of which simply means "Nothing." Just a typical sane world's vanity masquerade!