Khamenei on AN at the UN.

by Fred

If you thought denying the Holocaust, claiming American government had a hand in the mass murder of 9/11 or the long list of all his other bald-faced lies would make the show president of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the highest rank Islamist liar of the month, you are sorely mistaken.

During a meeting with his regional Islamist Rapist leaders, His boss, the Head Rapist Khamenei just backed up his president’s account and then some. He told the gathered Islamist Rapists:

During his prolific, fruitful trip to the United Nations, the respected president did talk about some of the truths and statistics. And the existence of several million people sleeping in cardboard boxes and tens of millions of human beings living under the poverty line is the Bitter truth about the society in America.”

If the sane and civilized world thinks they can come to some sort of accommodation with these Islamist savages, they got another think coming.

Before it is too late and they get their hands on nuke, Iranian people have to be helped materialy in their drive to overthrow these messianic Islamists bent on bringing ruination on them and others.


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