Khamenei’s cousin speaks

by Fred

Speaking of the upcoming “elections” in the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), the former two terms Prime Minister, Mir-Hussein Mousavi Khamene, during whose tenure thousands of Iranians were summarily executed, has said:

“Given the current climate in our country, one cannot be hopeful regarding participation in the upcoming elections.”

The Islamist faction of the Green Movement with Mousavi Khamene — a  first cousin of the Head Rapist Khamenei — as one of its leaders has put all their eggs in one basket, i.e. “reforming” IRR. And more importantly, along with their various lobbies, they have vehemently dismissed any idea of meaningful sanctions, i.e. oil, gas and Central Bank which would facilitate change.   

Now that the unreformability of their IRR is beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is the new action plan of the lovely “reformists”?

Back to that, Rome wasn’t built in a day nonsense/copout?


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