Japan, headscarf and Iran


by Fred

The ongoing unprecedented compounded disasters in Japan, the unbelievable 2000 times stronger than Iran's 2003 Bam earthquake, tsunami and multiple nuclear reactors spewing deadly radiation is not only heart-wrenching, it is humbling.

Certainly the stoic attitude of the highly cultured and technologically advanced Japanese facing the triple disaster is admirable. As is their patience, camaraderie and cooperation with their democratically elected  authorities struggling to get a handle on it all.

However, just like with any other tragedy, there are lessons to be learned. And as usual the folks running IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, are exempting their selves from any learning process.

In the by now widely circulated video of an interview with the show president of IRR, which owes its popularity to the last few minutes of the video clip when the mandatory head covering slips off the head of the Spanish Television reporter who is not easily cowed and refreshingly knowledgeable about Iranian affairs,  the possibility of nuclear disaster like the ongoing one in Japan happening to Iran is brought up.

Here is what the show president of IRR says about the Chernobyl type Russian nuclear plant at Bushehr:

“I don't think that we have a serious problem, the reactor's safety standards are up-to-date. It should be remembered that the reactor in Japan was built 40 years ago, with yesterdays' standards.”

Should there ever be a nuclear leak from the outdated Russian reactor which is built in an earthquake prone zone, one can easily conjure up the reaction of the decidedly un-Japanese locals living in the harms way in the strategic Persian Gulf countries.

Does oil, gas and renewable energy rich Iran need incredibly uneconomical imported outdated Bushehr nuke plant to power less than 1% of its electricity needs, or is it all a cover for the weaponized program as many suspect it to be? 


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Humbling Effects

by Demo on

".....it is humbling."!!!!

But neither the Iranian regime inside Iran nor the bloggers of outside Iran learn such because they are proud of what is called as "Iranian/Persian."