It happened on Nov. 4th


by Fred

On this past November 4th, the day IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic was commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of Islamists taking American diplomats hostage, not that far from the site of bussed in demonstration a nightmarish ordeal was taking shape.

Here is a short version of what must have felt like years to the victim. On a busy street a thirty two year old house wife on her way home is forced into a car at knifepoint. After traveling some distance another accomplice is picked up and the car heads to outskirts of Tehran in the vicinity of Khomeini’s mausoleum where two others were waiting to join the other two.

While the kidnappers were gang raping the victim, noticing their parked car in a desolate place two passing cars stop by and both those drivers too join the other four in raping the victim.

It is certainly true that rape is a worldwide scourge transcending cultures, races, income and educational levels. But what is also undeniable is something really out of national character is happening in Iran.

When you have an Islamist regime raping its opponents as a matter of state policy, something which is well documented to have been taking place from the early days of Islamists’ rule to the present, and doing it to men, women and children alike—is it inevitable for the raping to seep into general population?

What are the chances of four rapists being caught in the act by two separate patrols; oh yes according to the victim the other two identified themselves as officers, and all six men rape the victim? 

What is happening to the legendry chivalrous Iranian men?

Have the Islamists won and made their barbarism Iran’s norm?

Is it reversible?,,4887390,00.html 


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Re-Did You Just Make This Up?

by Fred on

A link was provided for the source of this nonfictional story.


Did You Just Make This Up?

by HHH on

No writer's name.

No victim's name.

No criminals' names.

Sounds more like another story madeup by anti-regime people. If you think about it rape has nothing to do with either Islam or the regime. It has to do with socially backward culture, lack of healthy social environment and shortage of normal male/female interactions.

Those who rape in Iran knowing the penalty is execution have nothing to lose or they just don't care anymore if they die.



by yolanda on

It sounds scary. Is this an isolated incident?