Israeli nuke & Iran


by Fred

The standoff between the sane world and IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic–as President Obama describes it over their weaponized nuke program-is reaching crescendo.  

IRR through its show president and others have set number of demands to be met before they’ll be amenable to any sort of negotiations over the issue.  

One of the conditions as set forth in the official letter from their nuke negotiator and repeated by their minions is for the sane states to clarify their position on as they describe it “the nuclear weapons of the Zionist regime."

This position of theirs raises number of questions, three of which are:

1- Isn’t it contradictory of IRR to claim its nuke program is all peaceful and yet demand that it be put on par with what it claims as “nuclear weapons of the Zionist regime”?

2- Is it wise to gamble away any chance of peaceful resolution when the conditions set for negotiation, the above mentioned is the least nutty one, are nonstarters?

3-If Israel does indeed have nuclear weapons, she had them prior to IRR and it was never a threat for Islamist-free Iran, why would it be now?


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"Fred's" Habit of Slandering of Iranians

by BaronAvak on

Apparently anyone who disagrees with "Fred's" "modest proposal" of bombing Iran and murdering Iranians, is an "Islamist." 

Got news for you, "Fred."  Persians/Iranians, like most humans, don't like to be bombed, or threatened to be bombed.

"Fred" I wish you would spend more time worry about your own country (Israel) and less crying crocodile tears for Iran and Iranians.  After all, if I were a pro-Israeli ideologue like you, I would be more concerned with other more pressing matters.  Are you sure Dimona is invincible?  What would happen if it were to be attacked?

All: "Fred" is not an Iranian.  "Fred" is most likely not even one person using this account.  It is at least two dedicated persons being compensated to troll on in English and in Persian in order to advocate the Likudist anti-Iranian line using this forum.  






امروز شصت و  پنجمین سالروز حمله اتمی به هیروشیماست.

 ترس و هراس و بیم من از سلاح اتمی آنست که حضرات اسلامیست سوار بر گرده مردم ایران دست از اتم بازی برندارند تا دوستان آن عمل شصت و پنج سال پیش را تکرار کنند.

و دیگر آنکه با اتم در دست اسلامیست های وحشی آزادسازی ایران و ایرانی با کرام الکاتبین خواهد بود همچو آنچه در کرۀ شمالی است.


در مورد اهداف نازنازیها در لابی نیاک و کسب و کارش دیگر آنکه نداند مرحوم خواجه حافظ است و یکی دو ایرانی دیگر. درد ما با هم تفاوت ماهوی دارد.

hamsade ghadimi

آقا فِرِد

hamsade ghadimi

این چه فکر دائم‌یه که دربارهٔ صلاح اتمی‌ داری؟  جناب، حتی نیاک هم رفته توی "بیزنِس" حقوق بشر و شما هنوز توی برنامهٔ هسته‌ای بکسوات می‌کنین؟  این آقا بارون هم گمانم دوقلوی نامریی یکی‌ از طرفداران پر شور شما هستن.  شاید آقا جواد لطف کنن و با کمی‌ ترجمه این برادران رو راهنمایی کنه.


Johnny-come-lately Islamist

by Fred on

Johnny-come-lately Islamist you got any proof of your charges or just reading from your Islamist talking point memo?

You in part say:

“under "Fred's" category of "free speech" is agitating for war and advocating bombings against Iranians.

Sane people regard that kind of talk as racism / Iranophobia and warmongering.

Again, why is "Fred" allowed to agitate for war against Iranians on this site?

Cite where and when I have said such things or failing to do that you are just another dime a dozen sack of Islamist liar.


"Fred" Thinks Hating Iranians Is "Free Speech"

by BaronAvak on

"Fred" evidently thinks slandering and spewing hate against Iranians on a daily basis is "free speech."  Also under "Fred's" category of "free speech" is agitating for war and advocating bombings against Iranians.

Sane people regard that kind of talk as racism / Iranophobia and warmongering.  Again, why is "Fred" allowed to agitate for war against Iranians on this site?


Sargord Pirouz

Baron, the best I can figure

by Sargord Pirouz on

Baron, the best I can figure it is that Fred suffers from a form of mental illness. His theme is always the same, day in and day out, in postings that can only be described as manic obsessive.

They almost always contain a repeated form of highly negative jargon, and are provide little more than consistently shallow attempts at political commentary.

It's actually more of an embarrassment, at this point in time, than provocative. And it appears to be related to the traumatic effects of exile. Bear in mind, people like Fred lost a great deal of social status when their order was subverted, post-1979. And in a number of cases, they simply just snapped.

Obviously these folks are not well adjusted, and are quite unhappy. In Fred's case, I've made the suggestion that he seek help from a mental health professional. But you can't help those that won't seek help. Sad, really.



by Fred on

It is clear from your comment that

1- You are not familiar with the concept of freedom of speech in the sane world. My suggestion to you is to get to know it and more importantly don’t waste it in trying to shut some one up, rather express your own thoughts.

2- You seem to be Palestine-centric with strong anti-Israeli tendencies, fine, good luck with whatever it is you are trying to achieve.  Unlike you, I’m Iran-centric and hope there is no hard feeling because of my inclination.

Good luck.


Why is Allowing this anti-Iranian "Fred" Account?

by BaronAvak on

I'm surprised is allowing this hyperactive anti-Iranian account "Fred" so much play.  It is clear this account was created after opened to comments and blogging to market Israeli / Likudist propaganda on attacking Iran.

As for "Fred's" / Israel's falacious arguments about Iran, they raise some interesting questions:

 1- Isn’t it contradictory of Israel to claim its nuclear *bombs* are legal yet demand that Iran be *physically attacked* just for having a nuclear power plant? Even if thousands of innocent Iranians are murdered?

2- Is it wise for Israel to reject a peaceful resolution with negotiations and jump to war when the conditions set for negotiation are pretty simple - to answer four perfectly legitimate yes or no questions?  And especially when, in the case of an Israeli-instigated war which murders thousands of innocent Iranians, a couple of well-targeting bombings of the Dimona reactor in Israel will destroy the vulnerable country entirely?

3-If Iran does indeed have nuclear weapons, or at the very least long range missiles capable of destroying Israel (as Israel claims), or other weapons of mass destruction such as chemical and biological weapons (as Israel claims), why hasn't she used any of them in 30 years against Israel, even after witnessing Israel shamelessly target civilians in attacks on its neighbors?


Islamist parrot

by Fred on

My suggestion to you is to start blogging and lets see beside parroting off-the-shelf Islamist talking point what you got to say.


BTW, Thank you for not going full Islamist on this blog as you just did in another.

by Javadagha on Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:52 AM PDT 

Islam bashing is tolerated in the media.  Go ahead, spew all you can!!   Muslim men marrying young girls, Christian priests fuck anyone who they can their dick on.  

After Amil, these one side accusations have taken down the toilet.


Fred's constant non-sense: Iran BAD, Israel GOOD!!

by Javadagha on

Fred, you are digging your own hole, . . . , continue making a fool of yourself. There are books and articles providing evidences that Israel has over two hundred nuclear war heads, here you are saying if they had any?  You are one nut case.  Israel keeps stealing technology from other countries and with billions of dollars that they get from the USA, develops these technologies. As some members have said, Israel never wanted and has any friends.  Israel looks for its own interest by ANY means.  The latest being funding MKO members. Fred has shown its biases on a daily basis and gets front page news or blogs preferences, one wonders WHY?  Fred keeps deviously saying how wonderful Israel is. 

You come across as one of those paid agents who tirelessly portrays Israel as GOOD.