Israel or IRR


by Fred

The guessing game is on again in Tehran. Will he or will he not do it. The he is Rafsanjani and the, it, is the all important Tehran Friday prayer.

Throughout the thirty years of the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the Friday prayers and in particular the one in Tehran has been used as more of a political pulpit than a solemn occasion for group prayer and religious devotion.

Ever since the rigged “election” and the brutal suppression of the peaceful demonstrators asking for their rights which included rooftop IRR sharpshooters randomly picking off demonstrators, torturing and raping of men, women and children detainees, the Friday prayer has gained an extra importance.

It was during a Friday prayer that the Head Rapist Khamenei issued his infamous cease and desist order or else which lead loose his thugs on peaceful demonstrators.  

It was also during a Tehran Friday Prayer led by Rafsanjani, the last time that he led the prayer, which people flocked to the prayer site and as pictures and videos of occasion tell it in some instances in direct and pointed contravention of the strictly enforced segregation participated in the prayer in mixed groups of men and women.

 Other IRR’s norms and customs were also trampled on; one being the customary chants of death to Israel, America and England bellowed out by an IRR sloganeer czar instead of being repeated by people were responded by death to China and Russia, two IRR friendly powers.

This Friday marks the IRR invented “International Qods Day” which is used as an occasion to condemn Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

 Never you mind that the International part of it is just a boastful wishful thinking on the part of the IRR. Also never mind the fact that the kettle and pot thing is an obvious hypocrisy when IRR and its legendry mistreatment of its own citizen condemns others.

IRR is in a bad bind now, on the one hand it is scared stiff that Iranians will use the Qods occasion to demonstrate against the regime and on the other hand it cannot cancel the one thing that it has built its entire legitimacy in the eyes of the Arab world on.   

As of now the leadership of this Friday’s prayer has not been settled, but the BBC quotes Rafsanjani as saying:

“Qods day is the symbol of innocence and enslavement in the clutches of a wholly illegitimate, bogus and usurper government”

One wonders what part of Rafsanjani’s description does not fit the IRR to a T.


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Shine On - Say no To Israel and yes to love

by qalandar on



Iran or ISR?

by Q on

Fred, which one do you want?

Iran or the Israeli Shithole of Racism?


Well said Jam,

by SamSamIIII on


These "lajan" & filth of tokhmeh Qadesiyeh as you address them correctly will be removed from the sacred face of true Iran either by voluntary self-exile or the justice of Kaaveh. & when that day comes the blood flowing on the asphalt will not be that of the true patriots but those who commited treason for the benefit of Qadesii regime & pan-Ummah genocide.

Amen brother !!!


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan




by jamshid on

The slimes that are attempting to delude the crimes of IRI by pointing elsewhere in the world and crying wolf, should know that their noise making does not diminish the sound of cries of innocent Iranian men and women who were raped, tortured and thrown in IRI's dungeons, by these slimes' masters.

Not only it doesn't diminish their sound or their pain, but it amplifies the inhuman mindset of closet regime supporters who are living in the comfort and safety of their host countries.

Only the tip of the iceberg of IRI's crimes has been exposed so far. There are certainly far more horrible atrocities committed by this regime that could only be exposed after its fall. We shall then find out whether those who today are cracking-up in the face of crimes committed against helpless Iranians, could continue doing the same when faced with a freed and empowered people.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Ahmad jan

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

ana mokhles, yaa akhi! :)

Ahmed from Bahrain

Setareh jan

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Does Shock and Awe mean anything to you? Take a look at the affairs of Iran and Afghanistan.

Do you want Iran to be a cot case like them. We are talking here of millions being killed, maimed and made homeless. We are talking about creating severe polarities and most probably total civil disobedience.

Be patient with a few deaths and rapes. Better to pay a small price and gain freedom than annihilate the whole country and take another 100 years to rebuild it.

Respect the lives of those who died and were raped. I believe none of them would have wanted Israeli bombs in their backyards.

Deal with mullahs yourself, and preferably not purely from behind the laptop. Iranians gave mullahs the power they have, so, take away from them. Be brave and you do not need foreigners to help you.

I have every faith in the Persian people to take what is rightly theirs. History testifies to that, and I don't mean last 50 years.

This is a civilisation of 5000 years. Go get it back.

I hope am not spoiling your tea party at AIPAC.


Ahmed from Bahrain

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Ostaad, ekhtiar darid!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

Savari ro enshallah az crumpet server o counterpart-e hezbollahish migirim!


Ostaad Jan, Setareh Jan

by capt_ayhab on

You two crack me up, well said.




Setareh Chesmakzan, maa mokhleseem

by Ostaad on

Savaari ham lazem basheh maa dar khetmateem.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Ostaad, how could you?!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

Ostaad, how could you call this brave and outspoken opponent of the crimes of the IR and ardent advocate of the emancipation of Iranians from the yoke of oppression, an AIPAC tea and crumpet server and a Yabu derrier kisser?;)  Don't you see how outraged he is by torture, rapes and murder of innocent civilians?  By their daily humiliation? By their absence of choice? Now, don't please tell me about occupation, WMD, phosphorus bombing of innocent civilians and nuclear stockpiles. Be fair and don't you spoil the party by petty squabbling over a few unimportant facts and figures!  


Fred, as a career...

by Ostaad on

AIPAC tea-and-crumpets server you should be delighted there are two "wholly illegitimate, bogus and usurper" governments in the ME among others.

This gives you more ammunition to badmouth one, and keep kissing the derriere of the other.