Islamists & China

by Fred

As the coalition of forces against IRR, the Islamist rapist republic is taking a more solid form; it appears the “first government of Allah on earth” is to be chiefly backed by officially atheist Communist China, North Korea and Ba’athist Syria.

True, there are other forces like Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Venezuela, terrorist Hamas/Hezbollah and alike which the Islamist Rapists boast about their friendship. But if anything they are just like the stalk of parsley on the restaurant’s dish which the patron has paid for but except decoration has no vital use.

It is now clear that China is Islamist Rapists’ chief backer on the international scene and the only one among the veto-wielding powers. It is also clear that China, given its official claim the Iranian opposition has no grassroots and is being instigated from abroad, is no friend of Iran and Iranians. And as such it has rushed Anti-demonstration suppression equipments to IRR to solidify its position as a predator of Iran and Iranians.

It is for the Islamist Rapist backers to ask themselves why is it that their Godly regime’s chief backer is not only ungodly, it suppresses its own Uyghur Muslims as brutally as IRR does Iranians.

And Chinese Communist bosses should know their backing of Islamist Rapists and wholeheartedly assisting them in their crimes against Iran and Iranians will not soon be forgotten.


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The goodness of tyranny

by Fred on

Just before the discussion veered off to the mindset in which tyranny is justified for the improvement in basic infrastructure it usually brings about a commenter said:


“China cares for itself”

Not being Chinese and caring for what China’s caring for itself is doing to Iran and Iranians the rhetorical question posed in the blog was to show the falsity the Islamist Rapists use as their religious bona fide. Here it is again:

 It is for the Islamist Rapist backers to ask themselves why is it that their Godly regime’s chief backer is not only ungodly, it suppresses its own Uyghur Muslims as brutally as IRR does Iranians.”


One more thing

by tabar on

I understand, again, the propaganda you talk about - look at what they wrote of Chinese Tahiks [Pamiris] before 1949:

What they wrote about before and after 1950 is exafggerated. Things improved slightly but at what cost? But this [and Uyghurstan] is not Tibet.



by tabar on

When I say way better off I am in no way saying that China's government is treating them well. But there are huge improvements. Under the Dalai Lama 90% of the people were serfs and worked for free. They had menial conditions, didn't have a long life expectancy, and many were tortured and abused. Basically they lived in dire poverty and their lives were hell. Under Chinese rule at least they can go to school, get medicine, and their overall standard of living has improved significantly. That being said of course I do not believe that the Chinese government is treating them well, they have a long ways to go in regards to human rights; but they're no comparison to the Dalai Lama. It's not propaganda [and I know what propaganda you're talking about], it's just historical fact that Tibet was a serfdom before China came.

Moreover /everyone/ talks about Tibet as if they're some poor nation with absolutely no rights whatsoever and they should break free. Yet no one knows of Uyghurstan or Rebiya Kadir. The only reason Dalai Lama is so popular is because the West has an obsession with Buddhism and the "peaceful" ways of Tibetans ignoring the riots in Lhasa in which many Tibetans killed innocent civilians.  The only reason they support them instead of Uyghurs is because they want to see China suffer, and Muslims as well. I do not support China's policies in Tibet and Uyghurstan [East Turkistan] at all but again there's no comparison to the Dalai Lama's serfdom. At least we can admit Uyghurstan wasn't /that/ bad before Chinese came but Tibet was a hellhole for the acerage civilian there. Of course China must treat its ethnic minorities better instead of crushing their human rights, but supporting Dalai Lama and his goons are no answer.



by jamshid on

I disagree with you. You have said many times that you are an ethnic minority in Iran. So you should know better how it could feel if a government systematically destroys your culture and attempts to completely assimilate you, all in the name of "improvement." 

That is not the price Tibetians wanted to pay for a few  improvements. But don't ask me, go ask them. You can meet many of them in the mountain borders of China and India where they are trying to escape to India from the brutal Chinese oppression and crackdown.

If you call this "way better off", then we shall stand in disagreement.

P.S. Don't fall for Chinese propaganda, they use the same methods than the IRI. And we all know about how IRI claims things have "improved" since the times of the serfdom of the Shah.



by tabar on

You do realise Tibet is /way/ better off under China than under Dalai's Lama serfdom right? LOL there have been SO many improvements under China's rule I'm not even going to bother listing them all here, you can look for them yourself. The Dalai Lama is nothing but a puppet.


The future new democratic

by jamshid on

The future new democratic and secular republic of Iran must remember these days and return the favor to the Chinese government by embracing the Tibetians and the Dalai Lama, both financially and morally.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Tabar is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


China will quickly switch and recognize the post IRR regime. They have only one interest and that is China. They will deal with whatever regime Iran has because they want oil. They are the least ideological of all the big powers. Don't lose any sleep over them.


China cares for itself

by tabar on

As do the vast majority of countries in the world today. Seriously who cares about the people of Iran? First thing's first: their own country. China is pulling itself together, why screw that up by supporting a "green movement" that will probably fail anyway [their perspective, not mine]? Seriously again what nation cares?



by MRX1 on

in defence of the chinese, I should say that they are NOT friend of anybody! what do they care if tens of thousends of Iranins get killed or tortured? what do they care about half dozen counrties in Africa they do buisness or investment at? 

From business perspective , they are doing great. They pretend like they are friend of IRR and the in process they make billions upon billions of dollars from these morons. Russians do the same thing: selling worn out garbage plane, building never ending nuclear reactor, SAM missiles that are never delivered.So on that note don't expect too much from IRR or china!