Islamist Vegas

by Fred

Long before the popular Las Vegas tourism Board’s slogan, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” spread like wildfire quickly becoming an idiom; the Islamist Rapists running IRR had been practitioners of their version of the slogan.

That is why it takes a long time for information about what the Islamist Rapists are doing to Iran and Iranians to come to light some like the details of oil and gas contracts or cash reserves never do.

Sure, ever since the power grab fight between the two Islamist factions has become public, some of IRR’s crimes have been revealed, but the general rule still holds, what happens in IRR, stays in IRR.

Just take a look at statements coming out of the opposing Islamist camps. There is hardly a day goes by when at least one if not many Islamists not threatening to spill the beans about something, which they never do.

It took years for the news of the mass murders of thousands, no typo here, thousands of Iranian political prisoners who were murdered in a span of few weeks during the “Prime Ministership” of Mousavi, one of the current purported “opposition leaders” to travel the grapevine becoming semi-public knowledge.

And yet, as far as his Islamist supporters are concerned when it comes to his responsibility about the mass murders which took place on his watch which he defended in a 1988 interview given to an Australian T.V. — what happens in IRR, stays in IRR


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Accept what I say or be called an islamist, the Fred way


Valieh Amr Hazrate Ayatollah Fred, is this your idea of freedom? no thanks Valie Amr Fred. Maybe its high time accepting the fact that there are people that disagree with your viewpoint and you just cant suffocate the truth by your ad hominem attacks.

Calling me an Islamist, regime supporter, or whatever you can get your hands on is not going to prevent the truth from coming out.


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer says:

Are you done calling everyone an islamist Fred?”


There you go again mien Führer acting like a Führer speaking on all’s behalf.

Speak for yourself and stop acting and talking like an Islamist then you would not be called an Islamist.

You are too green do not skip class.


Are you done calling everyone an islamist Fred?


You are just like the islamic republic in that regard. Anyone that disagrees with their viewpoint is labeled a mohareb. you on the other hand, keep calling me and most people here an islamist. You and the regime aren't different after all.



by Kofri on

As Mandela says," We must forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right."


The islamist khalifat's biggest skeleton in the cupboard

by fooladi on

Is their masscre of political prisoners in Iran in 1989.

Why this Iranian holocost   never gained the condemnation or the publicity it deserved till recently, is another interesting subject worth a blog by you Fred!

But this infighting between the top leadership of the islamist khalifat regime, leading to the opening all these cans of worms is nothing new in criminal fraternities. This is exactly how the US sicilian Mafia was broken up by US law enforcement. The Mafia kingpins, under pressure both internally and externally, decided to gain themselves lighter sentences at courts of law by exposing their partners in crimes....


Wear it with pride

by Fred on

With your clumsy defense of Islamist Rapists and your bogus, unsubstantiated accusation that I, Fred am "Anti-Islam" a death sentence if there ever was one, you act like a confused Haji.

Confused Haji fits you perfectly and am glad that you like it, wear it with pride.


Haji !!!? Says confused Fred. I take it as a compliment!

by reader1 on

In my childhood,  the title of Haji was reserved exclusively for the most respected members of the community. I am not quite sure I deserve the title -  but thanks  anyway !  I am nobody but  a humble reader.


Confused Haji

by Fred on

A confused Haji advises:

.. and it would have been even better if you had replaced:

“Islamist rapists”  with “IRI supporters”“the mass murders of thousands” with “murders of hundreds”

.. and nobody would accuse you of being an Israeli agent  


The confused Haji needs to learn counting to differentiate between thousands of victims verses his purported “hundreds”. Too many relatives of the victims to just summarily reduce that particular Islamist rapist pogrom count.

And if confused Haji does take learning to count, then he’ll be a confused Haji who can accurately count how many Iranian men, women and children Islamist Rapist republic has murdered.

As for Islamist Rapists, it is a factual description backed by real Iranian men, woman and, yes children victims,  go tell them that it is a lie.


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer about your defense of your latest Islamist Rapist leader Mousavi and using what Ahmad Batebi has said I like to respond thusly:

1- I’ll never forget the fantastic feeling the day Ahmad Batebi published his own picture standing in front of U.S. Capitol, I posted a blog about it rejoicing the fact that  your Islamist Rapist brethrens can’t hurt him no more.

That said, it does not mean I accept his politically motivated point of view on Mousavi’e culpability in the crime against humanity especially since at the time of mass murders when Mousavi was the chief executive of the IRR, Batebi was a eleven years old kid.

2- The report commissioned by the Boroumand Foundation is so credible that even Guardian could not whitewash it.

3- Batebi’s political view about the mass murders, and it is politically motivated defense of Mousavi as the snippet you’ve posted makes clear, could be used as a defense in the future ICC criminal proceedings.

BTW, you Islamists got to make up your mind about Ahmad Batebi and VOA where he works. When it suits you Islamists, you quote him when it does not he is another sellout working for the enemy.

Lastly where you advise:

“Wake up and see the reality of Iran for what it is. A generation of informed Iranians who are pragmatic and dont live in the past.”

I know it will not register with you chaps, but justice delayed is justice denied and where justice is denied you get to have your Islamist Rapist Republic where in the name of “pragmatism” a lot of nasty stuff is swept under the rug.

Sorry mien Führer that is not going to be the case, dream on and do not skip class, you are too green.


One of your better blog …

by reader1 on

.. and it would have been even better if you had replaced:
“Islamist rapists”  with “IRI supporters”
“the mass murders of thousands” with “murders of hundreds”
.. and nobody would accuse you of being an Israeli agent   …

Sorry, do not mean to be patronizing … I am nobody but just a humble reader …


Ahmad Batebi says it best


The Iranian student activist, Ahmad Batebi recently interviewed and there is a part where he talks about the massacres.

Maryam: In your view, should Mousavi explain his role in the 1988 massacres?

Batebi: No, not now. Look, I am not a “Mousavist”. I believe that people should vote [in the Presidential elections], because I believe in active participation. I say that if everybody casts a vote, then every single person can make demands. The reason that the movement has become so strong is that many people participated [in the election]. Then they asked, “Where is my vote?” If we had boycotted the election, we wouldn’t have this many “creditors” asking for their shares. But, I didn’t vote for Mousavi and I disliked him because I believed he was a little conservative and he still wants to take Iran back to its origins [of the 1980's]. However, as time passed, I realized that I was very wrong about Mousavi. It is true, my mode of thought is different from Mousavi’s. I am a secular person and I do not have many common views with him in such domains, but now, I have a lot of respect for him, because he has stood up to defend the people’s rights. If we want to kill Mortazavi from our minds and judge [Mousavi] realistically, then in the era that Mousavi was Prime Minister, let’s consider that there were three separate powers [estates] in Iran: legislative, executive, and judiciary. Those who committed the murders were in the Judiciary. If we put ourselves in Mousavi’s shoes, in 1988, in the midst of war and conflict and while Khomeini was still alive and had such charisma, what should we have done? Were we supposed to kill Khomeini? Were we supposed to stand up to the Judiciary? The mood and atmosphere was not such that Mousavi could do anything in particular. However, Mousavi should explain one day what the issues were, who was responsible, and what his role was. If he had made a mistake, he should apologize to the people, and if not, he should offer an explanation. He has to do this, but doing it now means hitting and beating ourselves. Once the movement prevails, then there is a lot of time to ask Mousavi to address this issue.

Maryam: The reason I suggested Mousavi to acknowledge the massacres is to unite the people more.

Batebi: But such an acknowledgment is only important for unifying people outside Iran. It’s not important for people who live inside Iran. It is enough for the Iranian people that Mousavi has had the courage to stand up to the ruling establishment. We who live outside the country cannot decide for the Iranian people. [What you mentioned] is the demand of the Diaspora community. I also believe he has to explain [his role], but we have more important issues to deal with right now. The people in Iran want the movement to continue breathing. It is better if Mousavi shows courage and stands like Karroubi. Then, later, we have time for all these debates.


This is the new generation of Iran. To you of course, Fred anyone who disagrees with your views is an islamist. Wake up and see the reality of Iran for what it is. A generation of informed Iranians who are pragmatic and dont live in the past.