Islamist & black president


by Fred

On Wednesday in a televised speech from his hiding place the Islamist Rapist republic’s wholly owned terrorist, Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah, among many things said:

"A few months ago, when Barack Obama was elected as US president and a new American administration saw light, many had high hopes and believed that major changes will happen in favor of the Arab and Islamic world. However, the truth was quickly revealed and all these illusions quickly failed. The result was obviously a full US commitment to Israel's interest and security, disregarding the dignity and feelings of the Arab and Muslim people and governments."

He also in reference to joint U.S.-Israeli missile defense exercise said: “"The Americans are coming for the first time in decades, and perhaps the first time since Israel's existence, to be a field partner in any confrontation that Israel might force on Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or Iran."

He further added: "We tell all those who asked us to give the Americans some time… it turned out that presenting a black president from the third world was a trick that ended faster than we expected."

What does Supreme Islamist Rapist Khamenei Mini-Me mean by giving “Americans some time”, is that time up now?

Due to their illegal nuke program his Islamist Rapist bosses in Tehran are in a tight spot, is it payback time for all the billions of dollars worth of arms and monthly stipends IRR has lavished on Mini-Me’s terrorist group?

Before it is too late and these nuke acquiring Islamist terrorist nutjobs impose a devastating war on Iran and far beyond, airtight sanctions on the IRR in conjunction with moral and material support to enslaved Iranians to overthrow the terrorist bankrolling Islamist menace is a must. 


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