Iranian school bus

by Fred

The driver of a school bus full of children has intentionally parked the bus in the path of a passenger train.  Except to continuously shout at the top of your lungs what else can you do?

The situation with IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic facing off the sane world-among other things over its illegal nuke program-is far more serious than some make it out to be.

A confrontation is inevitable and it will not be pretty or any good coming out of it for anyone particularly Iran and Iranians.

Iranian people have shown their willingness to do what it takes to overthrow the messianic Islamists bent on “managing the world”. The problem is IRR is far too brutal and way too willing to rape, mutilate and murder Iranian men, women and children.

Before it is too late the sane world has to provide the needed material support to the Iranian people to help them implement a regime change. The disaster in the making can still be avoided.


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Hi; Excellent post for me.

by Sametovski on

Hi; Excellent post for me. Your post has good quality. I wish to has good posts like yours in my blog e okul. How do you write these posts?


It is bizarre.

by revor on

It's bizarre to watch the madness in the Iranian Government. That's not to say that most governments and politicians aren't pretty darn whacky and generally twisted.

But to be the "little kid" running around yelling threats at the big kid non stop is seriously messed up considering that the USA want's Iran's oil and gas eventually. It could be (will be) sooner.

It is madness to not comply with the UNSC at this point, prove there are no nukes, one more excuse for a war in Iran.

Hamas and Hezbollah should be keeping quite at this point, when the regime changes in Iran their funding will dry up, but they're making bigger noises than usual. Push the Israeli's, give the USA another reason for war on Iran.

The USA want's Iran's oil and gas, they want a USA friendly government there, it's clear to me. Why is it not clear to the IRI that all the noise they make will just make it that much easier for the USA to acheive it's goals?



Two nights ago, I dreamt

by Marjaneh on

that Fredsy Rumpelstilzchen's avatar, the bit on the right, had turned into a machine gun and he was hopping around from one khaake kharabe hill with tiny bits of alaf to another , shooting into empty space. And then ravens appeared.


All too "effective". (Some puns intended)

"We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe." Goethe


Mien Führer 2

by Fred on

“Even your masters know very well that the Islamic republic is here to stay, which is why they are under the illusion that militarily strikes will solve anything”

If you do not provide citation for your charge, namely that I am for military anything let alone strikes, then you are nothing but an Islamist liar.

Then again you supporters of the Islamist Rapists in the free world are shameless liars 24/7.


Clueless Fred


Even your masters know very well that the Islamic republic is here to stay, which is why they are under the illusion that militarily strikes will solve anything. you are not very informed Fred. So I suggest you read a little instead of day-dreaming about pre-revolutionary Iran.

Who are you kidding Fred? As brutal the regime is, it is here to stay for a while. And its length entirely depends upon closet-war advocates like you and your friends at Tel-Aviv/Washington think tanks. Keep beating the drum wars Fred, keep sanctioning the poor Iranian people. Sooner or later, you will have your wish, which is war. And the regime will cement its rule for many more years after that, thanks to your tired advocacy on behalf of the state of Israel.


Mieh Führer

by Fred on

“Why focus on something we cant change? (regime in Iran)”


When one starts with a false premise the resulting conclusion will be faulty.

That is what NIAC lobby and its conjoined twin CASMII and their adherents do, namely that the Islamist Rapist regime is here to stay so lets have a “millennia” outlook and try to preserve it until it happens. And that not defined it certainly cannot be reform for it has been tried to death proving beyound a shadow of a doubt that IRR is unreformable.  

Their bottom line, in the crude street language, khodesh khosh-misheh meeofteh.

The good news is people in Czechoslovakia, South Africa and…. were burdened by such a defeatist subservient attitude and still won their emancipation.  The other good news for Iranian freedom lovers is that they are of the same mentality and will not let go till emancipated.

You defeatists who knowingly or otherwise are serving the goals of IRR do your thing by whitewashing its crimes and putting the onus of any war it is asking for on others.

There are others who are after regime change by Iranians for Iranians before IRR imposes another war on Iran.

BTW, your time, Mien Führer, would be better served by lobbying your Islamist Rapist brethrens to stop egging on the sane world to attack Iran over their nuke, international terrorism and crime against humanity.

You are too green, do not skip class.


Question for you


Why focus on something we cant change? (regime in Iran) and focus more on things we can (war talk in the united states/Israel?)

Instead of preaching to the choir on how the regime is brutal, your time is better served lobbying Israeli/neocons on backing off the war talk on Iran. For the only way this regime can latch on to power longer is for Israel or US to attack Iran.

It's easy to talk about how brutal the regime is. what is hard today is talking against military attacks (for you will be charged with having IRI sympathies nonstop).

mostafa ghanbari

Dear Fred

by mostafa ghanbari on


It is a great desire to have a free and prosperous Iran; but unfourtunately we are too alone and somehow petrified . The only way the world community and in particular world powers can help us is to announce as you say the messanic rapists illegitimate. would they do it? no? why? 


i am afraid

by mahmoudg on

we are beyond saving Iran by dialogue.  that would work if the adversary was of the human kind, but cock roaches can only be trampled on.  rest assured Israel and the US will provide the foot to do so.