Iranian Polio


by Fred

In a nonmedical usage, the term “syndrome” refers to “combination of phenomena seen in association.”

With that definition in mind, there is little doubt that some Iranians, mostly residing in the comfort and safety of the sane world, do suffer from a certain syndrome.

Albeit conceding the existence of few “wrong policies” here and there, these are the ones who see IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, as a democracy in the making the progress of which is being hampered by the evil intentioned West.

The people who are afflicted with this syndrome usually have bad eyesight as well as great difficulty in hearing. Therefore, when they see on their television screen Iranian people being bludgeoned to death by the uniformed and plainclothes Islamist Rapists, they can’t see the unfolding murder and the tragedy. Nor can they hear Iranians in their hundreds of thousands shouting that they’ve had enough and want freedom.

The same syndrome sufferers also consider the indisputable mismanaged Iranian economy as a hoax perpetuated by the usual suspects, and can’t say enough in praise of what IRR has done for Iran and Iranians. Look at all the shiny buildings and Tehran’s metro they usually say.

There are also some suffering from a milder version of the same syndrome. These sufferers do admit to the horrendous plight of Iranians in the hands of the Islamist Rapists, however, they take the high road which populist demagogues the world over like to take. That given time, it will all work itself out, after all, Rome was not built in a day.  

Until that blessed day comes, to make the pain of enslavement a bit easier on Iranians, these people prescribe working with has-been out of power Islamist Rapists who want to get their lost positions back.

It bears mentioning that the sufferers, both the acute and the mild version, do share in the desire for the Islamist Rapists to have nuke, the same Islamist Rapists who on numerouse occasions have said their mission is to "mange the world."

To date no cure for the syndrome has been discovered. The hope is it will not afflict the next generation of Iranians, leading to its eventual eradication just like Polio was.


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A Sick In Heart Analogy

by Demo on

It is quite normal to come up with such analogy if one is diagnosed with the "J type heart disease" suffering from a lifetime racial loathe & from the 2 dimensional vision of the world. And not only by just twice daily rep of the self prescribed comfort words of "Rapist", "Islamist", & now "Polio" such lethal heart disease will not be cured it is quickly going to paralyze the whole body system 100% worse than what "Polio" does locally!!!  


Polio and Islam

by mahmoudg on

one of the same.  One was eradicated and the other on the path to be.  Good analogy Fred.  well done.


Nuclear Democracy

by comrade on

While dictatorship can have alien origin, sustainable democracy can only emerge from within.

Nuclear technology, regradless of the regime, is our national interest and right. It's also totally legal.


**The last line in upper case for the sight and hearing thing 




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