Iranian grannies & US spy


by Fred

Yesterday was the opening day of the “American spy trial” in Tehran.

 The American born Amir Mirzayee Hekmati is accused of being a CIA spy on an intricate mission to infiltrate the Islamist regime’s intelligence services. However, the next Kim Philby in the making spilled the beans at the get-go.

According to the Revolutionary Guards affiliated Fars news agency, the young American agent who is of Iranian parentage said 

"In this mission I was fooled by the CIA and although I had entered Iran with a mission to infiltrate in the Islamic Republic of Iran's intelligence systems and to turn into a new source for the CIA, I didn't want to hit a blow to Iran,"

While it is true Islamists can make anyone sing any tune, it is also true that their final product always comes out off-key.  For instance, the CIA man admits being one, and yet says he did not mean to “hit a blow to Iran.”

The master spy comes across as a stupid young man who against the advice of his mother took the risk of going to occupied Iran to visit his grandmothers, and took his expired 2009 US Military ID with him.


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Of spies.....deserving punishment

by پندارنیک on

Kim philby's case, after all these years, is not clear cut yet..............there're those who still question the charges against him..........any how......

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