Iran’s own pharaoh

by Fred

First the part which is indisputable about IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic:

1-It is a theocracy with fascist demeanor which according to many including its late co-founder, Montazeri, “is neither Islamic, nor republic”.

2-Iran and Iranians are owned lock, stock and barrel by its lifetime unelected absolute leader who has lately been openly putting himself on par with the prophet of Islam.

3-All the elements of state from armed forces to the ersatz parliament are subservient to him.

4-For all intents and purposes he is a modern-day pharaoh on steroids.

My questions:

What chance is there for any meaningful change without his removal?

And, shouldn’t figuring out how to overthrow

Iran’s pharaoh take precedence over ancillary issues like the show president, Islamist “reformers” and alike?

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Genghis Khan

به اسم این آخوند پنج تومنی"سلّم الله علیه" هم افزوده اند

Genghis Khan

It's not only Pharaoh but the "pharaohic" system which takes no remedy except by means of amputation in the course of a comprehensive and well-thought, well-executed military action to free our beloved homeland from the bloody hands of this retarted bunch.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.