Iran Missiles reach Tel Aviv

by Fred

Yesterday during the latest terrorist Hamas initiated tit-for-tat exchange of fire with Israel and killing of civilians including children; sirens in Tel Aviv began blaring. The last time these sirens went off was when Saddam Hussein lobbed missiles at Israel.

Hamas has admitted it fired Chinese designed, Messianic Islamist manufactured, liquid-fuel Fajr 5 missiles. There are reports that they've fired few more Fajr today.

One missile is confirmed to have landed southeast of Tel Aviv, two others landed in the sea.

This is bad news; here are just a few of many reasons why:

Messianic Islamists, along with the Battist and Hezbollah terrorists, are actively involved in the ongoing pogroms in Syria.

They refuse to heed numerous UNSC resolutions ordering it to stop exporting arms and stop the illegal nuke program which has put Iran and Iranians in a dire situation.

They constantly yap about “wiping Israel off the map”, confronting U.S. and doing this that and the other vicious things to many others.

With this resume’, some sane world leaders might be tempted to take military action, this would be wrong.

Sanctions have begun to do their job; trust in the Iranians to go Iranian on their common nemesis with the sane world, a bit of logistical help would speed up the process though.


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1=1000 #2

by Fred on

Saudi, Egyptian, UAE and Lebanese Hijackers were Islamists, as are the Messianic Islamist Rapists, ”reformers” and all who have been ruling and murdering Iranians for 34 years, as are the terrorists in Gaza,  in Lebanon and ....

When it comes to barbarism, there are no denominational differences between different Islamists; they are all killers, misogynists and thieves.

FYI, the murderer Gulbudin Hekmatyar, a rabid anti-Shite Afghani warlord, for years was hosted by the Islamist Rapists in a Villa in North Tehran and reportedly supplied with little boys that he is known to like.

As to charlatan Ali Shariati, he talks a lot about martyrdom and subservient to Imam who must rule over all.

BTW, when Iran recognized Israel it wasn’t under the rule of the Messianic Islamist Rapists “reformer” and ll.

Ps. as others have and do, you are free to label me all you want, I just do not play that childish game, sorry.

Take care.

Soosan Khanoom

R U talking about the allied of Israel in the region

by Soosan Khanoom on

the Saudi's hijackers?  

Besides, haven't. for each American killed, thousands more Iraqi and Afghani got sacrificed? That math by itself is a difficult calculus III problem!!  still remained unsolved !   

Saudis kill Americans...Bush kills Iraqi and Afghanis instead..    

And, what has it to do with Dr. Shariati?  Show me one line in his writings that encourages suicide ?  Also since when sunni people are reading Shariati's book? I believe all the hijackers were sunni !!

Enough of your question dodging which is the intentional avoidance of responding to the actual question.. back to my question of one Israeli per 1000 Palestinians?  By the way, wasn't Iran the first muslim country on earth that recognized Israel as a nation at the time of its creation? I am not sure what was the reason back then cause the same math did apply then as it applies now regardless of morons who are the rulers of Iran today. 

But,  do you now what? We won't go anywhere with this discussion ...

Never mind...  It's good to hear from you that you are just ...I take your words for it!

I just wish that you would come out of your shell more often so we could see your other side too ... Who knows may be you are not a right wing Israeli after all !!   Or that's just my wishful thinking!  

oh well... 

: ) 



by Fred on

When it comes to human beings, unlike the rabid Islamists who consider women half a human being, or non-Moslems as infidels worthy of murder and other such barbarism,  I subscribe to the value of one human being is equal to another no matter the race, color or creed.

However, if you are searching for explanation of  1=1000 kind of equations, checkout nuts like charlatan Ali Shariati and other Islamist crazies who are all for encouraging others to become martyrs and commit homicidal acts in which one Islamist murderer can take out many, many innocent human beings as was the case on 9/11.

What is going on right now in Hamas terrorist occupied Gaza and israel is a tragedy which the Islamist murderers have begun and are perpetuating.


Yes, indeed, It was Fajr 5

by firstdayofmylife on



by firstdayofmylife on


Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Gaza has been under siege for ages.  Gaza, just, hasn't been in the news lately untill now, but it has always been on the map !   Unless, maps are anti-Semitic as well ...

Please also explain the math below!

One Israeli = 1000 Palestinians  


Oh please , you the vocie of the Iranain's freedom fighters ... if you can not explain the above then who would?  



A Gaza operation is a trap

by firstdayofmylife on

A Gaza operation is a trap for Israel


""So why this sudden escalation, which seems almost designed to force Israel into action?

The answer, as with a good proportion of the Middle East’s big questions at the moment, is Iran.

.... After many years of incremental increase, the sanctions on the Iranian regime are finally strong enough to hurt the economy and destabilise the Rial, Iran’s currency.

Iran is as afraid of sanctions as it is of military action – maybe more. These sanctions are being ratcheted up another notch, and even at this late stage they can still have an impact. Meanwhile, Iran’s most solid regional ally, Syria, is massacring its own people with the help of Hezbollah, an action which has made Iran more hated than Israel in some parts of the Sunni Arab world.

Iran needs a spoiler, something which will undermine the West’s ability to strengthen sanctions while simultaneously ‘reminding’ the Arab street that they’re supposed to be hating Israel. Israel’s alleged destruction of a secret Iranian weapons facility in Yarmouk, Sudan last month – a facility which might have been making weapons destined for Hamas – seems to have been the excuse Iran used to push Hamas back into the rocket-firing business.

If the IDF takes wider action, it would be bad for Hamas and Islamic Jihad. It would be good for Iran, though, and anything good for Iran at the moment is bad for Israel’s ultimate strategic position. That’s the trap that Iran has set for Israel in Gaza.

Invading Gaza is a trap of which Netanyahu, Barak and the rest of Israel’s leaders are aware. Israel’s response to fire from Gaza has been extremely restrained over the last year and especially in the current crisis.""