Iran & Israel

by Fred

While for all intents and purposes the sane world has given IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic a pass on openly meting out Islamist barbarity on the enslaved Iranian people, democracy activists are fast becoming endangered species facing extinction.

The Islamist Rapists have cast a wide net and all activists who have not escaped to the free world are being systematically picked up. There is no segment of society which has been immune to the clampdown.

It is incumbent on all those in the sane world who value democracy to do all they can to help their fellow Iranian freedom lovers in their hour of need.

As fanciful a dream as it might sound to some, with immediate and unrelenting help from the sane world the dream has the potential for becoming reality.  A democratic Iran alongside Israel, the only existing full-fledged democracy in the entire region, would really cramp the Islamists’ style far and wide. Time is of the essence.


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