Iran, a hope: the saplings

by Fred

Thirty years ago Iranians were forced to leave Iran and have since given the worldwide Diaspora a more meaningful definition.

 Of all the countries where fleeing Iranians have settled in, whether by choice or happenstance, the ones lucky enough to land in places with level playing field, disproportionate to other migrant, they have blossomed more and at times even surpassing the average natives.

This is not an idle boast; in any field of endeavor it will be hard to not notice Iranians at mid and top echelons. There are many who have created tens, hundreds and thousands of jobs, invented things or devised programs that benefit mankind in short have been a positive force.

Therefore my hope for Iran is that which has proven to create the ideal ground for Iranian saplings to blossom and bear fruits benefiting many.  I hope for an Iran where gender, race or creed is no longer the defining measure of a person, I hope for an Iran with a level playing field.


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Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

Dear Fred

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

We should work together and cooperate with each other to build a powerful, nice Iran. Amir


The barren fields

by Fred on

The angry-at-false-charges-against-Iranians is a very old, way older than IRI,  and well- established club; it has had and still has lots and lots of members.  

One cannot watch the watering of the Iranian fields with poison-spiked water and not get angered at those who blame the saplings for the barren fields. Stop the poison and witness the orchards emerging in no time covering the entire country and donating its bounty of fruits to the neighbors too. The worldwide Iranian Diaspora is the proof.

Thanks for the invite.


Nazy Kaviani

Dear Fred

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you. You write of a familiar sentiment and hope. I remember how angered I was a few years ago when I heard someone say "Iranians are not capable of teamwork." Teamwork is an acquired skill--if Iranians, just like any other people, are taught and led in a suitable environment, they will learn and master it quite well. I join you in your hope for an Iran in which every Iranian has a chance to grow and thrive, turning the sapling into a strong and tall tree, full of delicious fruit and endless shade for all to enjoy. Here's to Iran's future orchards!

Thank you again for accepting the invitation.

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

The only question is how to get to that level field.


Are your sappy sappling hopes supposed materilalize after...

by Ostaad on

the sanctions sponsored and pushed by your source of hope and inspiration, AIPAC, have ruined a lot of middle class Iranians' livelihoods even more than what the IRI is doing, or before?!!!

I seriously doubt your honesty in this regard. Your Zionist marja's sinister plans will dry up the soil where your "saplings" are supposed to take roots.

Let's not play footsy with reality, ferred.