The invasion of Iran

by Fred

Before anyone of the recent converts into ultra-patriotism, the lobbyist, Islamist and lefty type, get hot under their new collar, it must be said advocating invasion and/or occupation of Iran, to say the least, is counterproductive.

But lets assume it nevertheless takes place and the invaders/occupiers:

1-Plunder Iran’s wealth and drive the economy into the ground.

2- Savagely lash and murder unarmed civilians forcing millions of Iranians to flee the country.  

3-Brutally extinguish any peaceful dissent.

4-sexually abuse Iranian men, women and children,

Wait a minute, isn’t that what the Islamist Rapist Republic has been doing to Iran and Iranians for the past thirty one years?

If it is, then why do they get a pass and asking for help to repel them is said to be against Iran’s “independence”?

What is so wrong with asking for material help to overthrow the homegrown invaders just like American, French, Poles and many others did to free themselves from tyranny?


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Sargord Pirouz

Fred: Saaresh ba dombesh

by Sargord Pirouz on

Fred: Saaresh ba dombesh bazi meekoneh!


mahmoudg the "surgical strike" genius!... not


what do you think will happen after the supposed strikes? Tehran will be changed to heaven on earth? no genius. the fanatics you see in power right now will not be dead, in their stead many civilians will die. these said fanatics will use the pictures as propaganda tool to resort to suicide bombings and mass murder until they get power back. the country will go into a civil war with various ethnicity fighting for power... basically hell will break lose.

thankfully currently no one in the US government is as dangerously naive and stupid as mahmoudg.


Invasion NO, but surgical attacks YES

by mahmoudg on

with the end result of removing the Islamic leaches from power.  that is the only way we can rid Iran of the leadership (if we can call it that), that has gripped it.  Iran's democracy will come only when these backward minded people are removed by force.


Mien Führer

by Fred on


Since mien Führer could not dispute the factual substance of the blog, and since he is against sanctions and helping Iranians to overthrow his Islamist Rapist brethrens occupying Iran, deductive logic concludes he must either favors status quo or divine intervention.

In trying to be emancipated from the tyranny of the Islamist Rapists, Iranians have done all including listening to 5th column of IRR and the “reform” nonsense giving it years to materialize to only be disappointed again and again.

It seems Iranians are not buying it any more and want to get rid of their oppressors including the old-new Islamists “reformers” like Mousavi, Karoubi, charlatan Khatami who got to answer for many crimes against Iranians.

BTW mien Führer, there you go again with speaking for others: “We've got you all figured out.”

 Ps. by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on Wed Jul 14, 2010 02:37 AM PDT 

“I am all for an invasion too if it starts with you. All that rape thing is making you jealous.”

 This Islamist sicko should not skip his medication.   


neoconservtive invasion of naive minds


Same arguement that lead us to Iraq war disaster. they said saddam is satan incarnate so what could be worse than that? well now, we have a destabilized iraq with various fractions fighting each other for power. it gave us a civil war, many thousands dead and deaths that continue upto this very day, sometimes 100s per week.

keep subtly beating the drums armchair ayatollah Fred. We've got you all figured out.


I am all for an invasion too

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

if it starts with you. All that rape thing is making you jealous.