Inseparable couple

by Fred

If all goes well, very soon the sane world will be sitting across representatives of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, to discuss its illegal weaponized nuke program.

And that is the problem in a nutshell. That is, limiting the talk(s) with the Islamist Rapists to their illegal nuke.

The core problem with the Islamist Rapists is their abhorrent dogmatic Islamist value system, best viewed in their total and absolute disregard for human rights.

Unless and until the sane world gets this, all the negotiating with the Islamist Rapists are for naught.

Their Achilles’ heel is their human rights record, and they know it. Ergo, to justify their own systematic total disregard, they constant try to highlight abhorrent instances of human rights violations in the sane world.  

Not putting human rights on the agenda, inseparably coupling it with the weaponized nuke issue, a match made in heaven, is just plain dumb.


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Israeli Human Rights

by HHH on

Reporter to Israeli soldier:  Have you ever shot at a child?

Israeli soldier: Yes, one day I was walking and saw an Arab kid, the kid pointed his finger at me, so I shot him in the chest, you know..... he was pointing at me...... I don't like people pointing at me...

Israel bombed Gaza City downtown killing 400+ kids knowing how crowded that city is.

Fred, what do you think about your IBK? Israeli babykillers? Don't you think that's against Human Rights?


Excellent, Fred

by Simorgh5555 on

However, I would say that the human rights issue should be priority bumber one. Even with the nuclear threat neutralized this regime remains an existential threat to Iran and it's people let alone the surrounding countries of the Middle East. The Islamic Republic has been able to fight a successful proxy war in Gaza and Iraq with just conventional weapons and an explosive belt. You have to go to the root of the matter: The Regime. Iranians want regime change. Regime change must happen.