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by Fred

Hugo just did the red carpet at Venice Film Festival.  That is Hugo Chavez the firebrand anti-Imperialist lifetime el presidente of Venezuela. But the news of el presidente’s activities does not end there.

 Hugo also just did a mini world-wind tour which included his seventh or was it his eight state visit to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, all during the five years of Ahmadinejad’s “presidency”. In fact he makes so many visits to IRR, they might as well rename the former Imperial Palace that he likes to stay in as Hugo-stan.  

During his most recent state visit of IRR, the el presidente praised his hosts for their principled stand against the imperialist U.S. and pledged even closer cooperation to confront and defeat the Yankees. He also signed number of trade deals totaling over 800 million Yankee dollars which presumably includes Hugo’s suggestion of establishing a joint Iran-Venezuela “nuclear village” in Venezuela.  Hugo also sold his Rapist hosts some gasoline to stave off the possible upcoming sane world's sanctions.  

But none of these news items are worthy of any special attention, except one which did not get the top billing. This one deserves all the attention for it foretells of an historical event never conjured up till Hugo’s Imam Reza pilgrimage. Such event will not only have huge ecclesiastical ramification but will bring justice alongside caring for the victims of Hugo’s hosts which include many men, woman and children raped by the officials of the IRR.

According to the BBC, Hugo traveled to the Eastern Iranian city of Mash-had, where Imam Reza’s shrine is and in a news conference said the following:

“We should endeavor for the resurrection of Imam Mahdi (the Shiite messiah) alongside Jesus to arrive soon and establish justice in the world.” 

Fantastic news, "alongside" one another, there will finally be cooperation and no more mano-a-mano.


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ya Mahdi almuntuzar

Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi

by ya Mahdi almuntuzar on

Many says that Imam Mahdi and Jesus christ has been appreared already.

Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi's Image has also appeared on Moon.

For more details please visit this website.

You may also listen this speech 


Can't wait

by MRX1 on

for both of them (Mehdi and jesus) to return together!

 I am curious to know what venezula can offer Iran any way? high technology? higer education? raw material? Iran helping venezula with nuclear stuff? it's like a blind leading a blind. god help us.