The Imam Ali problem


by Fred

After weeks of silence, Mir Hossein Mousavi, one of the leaders of the “green movement” has issued a statement. Aside from the customary usual lip service to the Iranian nation, the former two terms Prime Minister of IRR, whose term of office was during the current absolute leader’s Presidency, unveils his political roadmap.

The essential sections of the statement are;

1-"People, your friends are committed not to betray you on the path of fighting liars and fraudsters,"

2-"With respect to this commitment, the only way that I recommend is to continue on the green path that you have followed in the past months ... with small and large gatherings, campaigns and questions,"

3-"In the green movement we do not want anything unconventional and unexpected, but we do want to restore people's lost rights, those enshrined in the constitution,"

4-"We want a revival of the forgotten goals of the revolution, freedom of speech, freedom after expression and freedom of choice."

As in everything in the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, things are not as they pretend to be. Take for example this part of the roadmap statement where Mr. Mousavi is asking for nothing “unconventional and unexpected” and demands restoration of people’s lost rights which are “enshrined in the constitution”.

Either Mr. Mousavi has not read the IRR constitution during his eight years as Prime Minister, or has not been around all during  Khatami’s two terms of Presidency during which the exact same “demand” for nothing “unconventional and unexpected”  rights “enshrined in the constitution” were repeated ad nauseam to no avail.

Aside all the restriction on the “people’s rights and freedoms” clearly enumerated in the IRR’s constitution, the impenetrable brick wall is Article 110 which grants absolute power to the absolute leader. Article 110 in Isopsephy, adding up the number values of the letters, in this case the Arabic abjad system, translates to the name of Shiite Imam ALI.

Neither the previous absolute leader nor the current one has done anything that which the IRR constitution has not expressly granted them the power to do it with.  

Until and unless the problem of Article 110, Ali, is solved, nothing, absolutely nothing can be done with and through this constitution.

After so many murdered, tortured and raped Iranian men, woman and children, one of the leaders of the “green movement” has got to do better than asking people to “safeguard the Islamic Republic”.


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People keep saying what we need...


they dont say how we're going to achieve it. Lets be practical here and not follow a fantasy. This has been the norm for 30 years us opposition groups.



by masoudA on

My problem is with Moussavi as a leader - leader of any movement amongst Iranians.   I have no problems with ex-Islamists inside Iran (as long as they have no blood on their hands) who have recognized how stupid they have been in the past and where they have taken the country - but accepting them as a leader or one of the leaders is just not an option for me.   Being a leader requires insight - and no matter how forgiving our nation may feel - an Islamist just does not possess the neccessary visions and insights to lead a nation.  

Good news is that Moussavi abandoned being the leader of the Green movement, very early as soon as he realized the uprizing is not about him.   Living inside Iran he can only afford issuing vague statements - ones that can go either way.  

Jahanshah Rashidian

Dreams vs.Nightmares

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Mousavi now claims that  the formation of Green Mouvement is to safehuard the IRI constituion, line of Imam, and values of Islamic Republic which brings freedom and prosperity  bestowted by Islam. These are all a mass coalition movement started for, nothig, more nothing less. In reality, a school kid in Iran might have any day dream but none of these nightmares.

Iran with or without Suprem Leader or a talebanised form of republic, a "reformed" Constitution, or theological tyranny would remain  nightmares of our school kid. To realise dreams of our future generation, we need  a secular and democratic regime, nothing more, nothing less.