Hillary Clinton, undo hubby

by Fred

Martin Kobler, special representative of the U.N. Secretary General in Iraq has said:

“Of the 3,280 residents originally in Camp Ashraf, only a small group now remains on a temporary basis to arrange the details pursuant to the closure of the camp.”

With the relocation of MKO cult members to camp Liberty as a way station to safety in other countries, time is at hand for U.S. to follow E.U and delist Mujahedeen from the terrorist list.

It was President Bill Clinton who as a gesture of friendship to the Messianic Islamist terrorists added MKO to the terrorist list; it is now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s opportunity to undo that asinine decision of her hubby.

It is an undeniable fact backed by mountains of irrefutable documents that the Islamists, “reformers” and all, who have been ruling over Iran for the past 34 years, are terrorists par excellence. Iranians including MKO cult members are victims of the reform-proof, weaponized nuke acquiring, Messianic Islamist terrorists.

U.S. must do the right thing and delist MKO NOW!


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Straighten it up NOW!

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Perhaps IC admin could rescue the 'Frustrated' blogger here with the formatting but how in the world they could tell if the same blogger wants the US to bomb IRAN before or after delisting MKO!

The blogger better clear that up NOW!