The hell with the Syrians


by Fred

In the Islamist circles, Haji Saeed Ghassemi is a well-known speaker with the right Islamist revolutionary pedigree and direct connection to the Supreme cheese, Ali Khamenei. Here is a snippet of his latest speech:

“The only way, the secret to victory for the people of Bahrain is to offer their blood to their revolution. And since it is our duty to export the Islamic Revolution to the entire world, we too have to support them to the last breath.

Sedition has taken place in Syria. In order for it to pass, without resorting to suppression and bloodshed, the rulers of Syria must calmly block the orifice of the sedition.

Syria must confront the sedition the very same way as Iran did. Searching out the root of the sedition, and informing those people who in the name of Islamic awakening are unknowingly participating in it.”


Two nations have risen up asking for freedom.

Why the people of Bahrain get the “to the last breath” backing of the Islamists intent on “exporting Revolution”?

Why the people of Syria get the shaft in the form of having Islamists participating with the Battists in their savage suppression?


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Khanom Maryam Hojjat, you made it easy on me by speaking for me as well as yourself, gol gofty and thank you.

Maryam Hojjat

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 Down with all Mollahs in IRAN & their thugs & supporters.