A heavyhearted Happy New Year

by Fred

Happy New Year mother earth. Be that this be the year that your children start loving your wondrous bountiful beauty more, hating and destroying it and one another much less.

Happy New Year mother Iran.  Be that this be the last year you mournfully witness the murderous insanity being committed against you and your children by a gang of frenzied Islamist Rapists.

Happy New Year to all Iranian mothers who till their last breath will be mourning their loved ones taken away from them by the Islamist thugs.

Happy New Year to all the Iranian children particularly the ones who the Islamist louts have taken one or both of their parents away from them, in thousands of cases for ever.

Happy New Year to all Iranian fathers who for years have endured the daily emasculation by the Islamist ruffians.

Happy New Year to thousands upon thousands of Iranian political prisoners whose crime is their love for a freed Iran and Iranians which to them has priority over all other considerations.

Happy New Year to all Iranian men, women and children who have been raped, disfigured and tortured by the Godly Islamists.

Happy Norooz all Iranians. Be that this be the last year of thirty one years of Islamist nightmare.


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I am with you

by MaziarB on

A heart-felt message. I am with you Fred. There is little mobarak about this year's Norooz. Let's hope 1389 is a better year for Iranians.


Amen Fred

by masoudA on

I hope your every wish comes true.  Especially that one!!


Norouzat Farkhondeh

by divaneh on

Best wishes for Norouz and new year

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

No wonder so many Iranians hate politics. Just read Fred's blogs

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I hope on Norooz JJ takes pity on the Iranians and doesn't feature your blog. For one day, JJ, spare us.