He pulled a Rafsi

by Fred

The clear cut Julius Ceaser’s Veni, vidi,vici, (I came, I saw, I conquered) it was not, this of course being a facetious reference to the breathlessly awaited make it or break it Rafsanjani Friday prayer /political sermon.

The wily Rafsanjani was said to have two options and only two, either go for broke and put everything on the line by siding with the people, presumably the Mousavi backers. Or side with the regime as he has used the expression on many a testy occasions before to lower the flame (فتیله را پایین کشیدن).

Well, he did a Rafsanjani, a half and half. The man for all seasons said that which after proper extrapolations will satisfy both Islamist camps. And as is the case with all Islamist cutthroats republic’s infightings, people will be allowed enough respite to mend their broken bones, collect the bodies of their fallen, silently mourn their losses and go about being oppressed by the Islamist rulers.

Nothing doing this time, the ensuing events after the pseudo election have brought such clarity of the substance of the Islamist regime that all bets are off. Before it is too late, for the sake of peace in the region and beyond, by the process of elimination the one and only remaining solution is to help Iranian people who have once again proven to be incredibly brave to overthrow their tyrants of all colors, green, black,….


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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

exactly      he and most other mullahs are (vazeer -safsatte) ;         Bull shit artist in plain English pardon my french.      Maziar