Hating Israel & America

by Fred

To hate is to be human, disguising it is divine. Well, obviously it is not divine but Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies act as though it is.

Here is the bottom-line; America in the form of operation TP-Ajax short-circuited a homegrown popular movement in Iran which by all probabilities would have ended up in a regional democracy model for others to copy heading off all the bloodsheds ever since then.  

Another bottom-line; Jews are despised by some and returning to their ancestral homeland where in the safety and security of the state of Israel they are no longer subject to sporadic pogroms has only fanned the flames of the hatred.   

Solution, combine the hate America for TP-Ajax and her untiring support for the Jews in the form of labeling it as warmonger and hate Jews in the form of criticizing Israel.

The problem is America has moved on, so has Israel and others but these lovelies want to sacrifice Iran and Iranians for their hate train. Nothing doing past is past, mourning period is long over and both these proud nations are natural allies of Iranian people. Time to look forward, stop the hate & love Iran and Iranians more!


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by Fred on

We all have scars/hurts that by most probability will never completely heal; some of them are the ones that Sadegh Hedayat described as “In life there are certain sores that, like a canker, gnaw at the soul in solitude and diminish it.”

I guess more than anything it is an individual battle, crusade is a better term, to overcome it and not allow it to takeover and suck the life out of us; there is so much beauty in life and our time too short to be wasted on hate.  

More to your point where you says: “I have tried many times to overcome/ forget the past but find it increasingly difficult.”

Maybe you might want to change tactic and do not, that is not try to forget the past, which is impossible anyways, but try to forgive. The Japanese, South Africans and Indians are just three of the many successfully using this tactic.  

What the Islamist Rapists have done to Iran and Iranians for the past three decades makes it doubly important that once they are overthrown to never forget but forgive and move on, there is no percentage to hate.

Kamran Ramyar

Kamran Ramyar

by Kamran Ramyar on


Your views and thoughts on "MOVING ON"merit respect.  Nothing would be more gratifying than seeing our brethren in Iran live happy and prosperous lives, once certain elements or factions decide to "MOVE ON".   I do not belong to any such factions but must confess to you that just "MOVING ON" is not as easy for me.  as it might be for others.  Please don't get me worng.  I have tried many times to overcome/ forget the past but find it increasingly difficult.  It is simly impossible to ignore or forget AJAX operation/ operatives and war mongering posture that Zionist state has maintained ever since 1948.   Please tell me how to "MOVE ON" and I will be uch obliged



Fred: It sounds like you

by vildemose on

Fred: It sounds like you have moved on too. Glad to see that.

Consummate hatemonger is right, indeed..


Consummate hatemonger

by Fred on

Consummate hatemonger says:

“I bet you also want the families of the 2 Reuters photographers to move on too since the helicopter pilots have moved on.”

No, to guarantee many more victims to sustain your addiction to hatred keep on preaching hate from the safety and security of your perch in U.S. or is it England?

The concept of loving life more than hate is way over your head and dogma, keep on hating!


You are one of a kind

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

You may have several profiles here but characterwise you are one of a kind. Your contributions (? an insult to the word) here have become so rabid as to border comedy.

Take this for example: "The problem is America has moved on, so has Israel and others..."

The term "move on" is used for victims of a crime or a relationship gone bad and not for the perpetrators of the act. How noble (!!) of these countries to move on. A bulldozer destroys everything on its path and also moves on, but I never saw anyone sympathizing with it -- until now.

I bet you also want the families of the 2 Reuters photographers to move on too since the helicopter pilots have moved on.