Green buyers beware

by Fred

Mir-Hossein Mousavi the former two terms Prime Minister of the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and the current purported frontrunner in the opposition leadership pack has just published a very important public letter.

An IRR establishment Ayatollah had posed four questions to Mousavi, his answers should be a wakeup call to all those who instead of the reality prefer to believe their own wishful thinking.

The questions and their answers are too long for posting in a blog; read it all at below link.

To my mind the most revealing of them all is the question in regards to Mousavi’s position toward the “Iranian republic” slogan repeatedly used during the recent nationwide demonstrations.

“Question: why must the leaders and managers of the Green sect [group] stay silent in the face of “independence, freedom, Iranian republic “slogan?

  Response: It appears that since in the earliest available opportunity I did issue a statement taking exception with this slogan asking people not to use it the information you have received has been censored as usual.”  

Mousavi finishes his answer by saying:

“Of course as Imam Khomeini, Allah’s peace be upon him, taught  us……Meantime, I too strongly believe without Islam the establishment is devoid of any meaning and definition.  All of us must certainly remain steadfast to the constitution in which this point has been emphasized.”


Mir-Hossein, you make charlatan Ali Shariati, your Imam Khomeini and IRR's constitution proud!



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mien Führer

by Fred on

I will just as soon as your Islamist retracts his other statements to the same effect.

As soon as he issues a statement saying on previous occasions he had made a mistake to admonish people for their “Iranian republic” slogan. Also, as soon as he stops venerating his mass murdering “Imam Khmeini” or praising the instrument of rape, torture, murder and looting of Iran and Iranians, aka Islamist Rapist Republic’s constitution.

Till then, don't hold your breath.


you should retract your blog post



Fred: Loved your retort.

by vildemose on

Fred: Loved your retort. Excellent.




you are stuck with a great dellusion.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Israel should keep out. If Israel attackes Iran it will totally mess things up. I am also opposed to US attacks but the degree of feelings will be ten times as intense if Israel gets involved. It will be bad for her own interested more than any other thing.


If you say so mien Führer

by Fred on

I’m stuck with Islamist Rapists’ words, deeds and record while you mien Führer have an inside track into their future intentions and forgetful memory of their past.

All that remains to be said is, if you say so mien Führer, if you say so.


His Imam Khomeini nonsense


His Imam Khomeini nonsense is one of the reasons that he is not spending time in evin.

And he did not publically admonish people for the “Iranian republic” slogan. Stop making up facts.  

As for his love of IRR constitution, I guess you have ignored all his statements over the past months. he mentions repeatedly that people have gone beyond simply requesting for another elections. His emphasis on the constitution not being Gods order or earth is another important point that not only he does not love IRR's consitution, he is willing to change it.

It is you Fred, who are over looking crucial details, twisting facts to suit your own narrow agenda.  You hate the greens and what they stand for, you are willing to destroy it by advocating airtight sanctions so one of your exile friends who is detached from the society at large, can come to the scene and save Iran from the "islamists".  



FF: I should be getting

by vildemose on

FF: I should be getting paid, don't I. You should leave a comment on his blog and put in a good word for me. Maybe he would consider paying me....hahahaha


mien Führer

by Fred on

I’m not a writing style specialist nor in the habit of reading Islamists on regular basis. What is contained in this letter of his which their Fars news has made reference to is nothing new.

He did publically admonish people for the “Iranian republic” slogan and he prefaces most of his Islamist nonsense with a mention of his “Imam Khomeini”. His love of IRR’s constitution and adherence to it is a matter of public record.

So even if this widely circulated letter turn out to be a hoax or an insider Islamist trick so what, the part I mentioned has been said by him on numerous other occasions.  

If Mien Führer cares to overlook or whitewash  some crucial details, others might not be so inclined, especially when dealing with Islamist Rapists.


Fred, use your head


Here is the guy that Mousavi has supposedly sent this letter to:

Do you seriously believe that he would  jepordize his position in the movement by sending such a BS letter to Hamedani of all people?

Not to mention, have you ever read the letter and compared the writing style to Mousavi's real letters? 




by shushtari on


these 'experts' claim that this is not a revolution.....

all I have seen from these morons is their undying love for the mullahs and their brutal regime

it is exactly individuals like these that help prolong the akhoonds' regin of terror in iran....and they go back to 78 when geniuses like gary sick and brezenzky thought khomeini was a saint and that the shah was a monster!!!

listen LEVERETTS, no red-blooded iranian gives a hoot about your ignorant comments or ridiculous analysis.....your days of spreading bs are done




Who the hell is this Juan Cole guy?!

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I thought I was hallucinating but after checking a couple times I realized every blog I visit there is a post about him.

Vildemose jan, are you getting paid for this?! 


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Unlike mien Führer who apparently has a channel to Islamist Rapists to cross check the news, like most I am dependent on publicly available info.



Fred and the Ahmadinejadists sitting on a tree


The article from parsine, a pro-hardliner website is false. A propaganda no less.

Just like Ahmadinejadists, Fred likes to destroy the green movement. 


Juan Cole's perspective on

by vildemose on

Juan Cole's perspective on the article:

I should say that I know and admire them [the Leveretts], and share their conviction that the Obama administration should engage the government in Tehran, whatever it is. We had diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and face to face talks all through the 1980s, at a time when that regime really was on the verge of falling. You can't know the future.

But I do not share their dismissive attitude to the Green movement. I think it is big, nation-wide, multi-class and significant. And I fear that they have fallen for the regime's phony counter-demonstration on Dec. 30 as a sign of wide and deep support for the regime. I don't deny it has its supporters. But I think the ground is shifting against Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, which helps explain why they are becoming more and more repressive.



by Fred on

I know you are frustrated with the Islamist Rapists, who with an iota of conscious is not.  

The language of violence and barbarity is the Islamists' currency, Lets not help their tyranny by even idle words such as you’ve been using.

After all the worst which could happen to them, has. The sorry bastards have got to deal with pissed off Iranian women who are not taking it anymore and being an Iranian male you know what that entails.


Is it the oil,

by vildemose on

Is it the oil, stupid?

 I think Cryus Bina's analysis is sobering and quite accurate if the regime survives.




Fred, I see only two alternatives

by mahmoudg on

If this movement continues it will lead to a civil war with millions dead (we all know the IRR will not leave the scene peacefully as the great Shah did), or that it will fizzle out and die.  In either case, the only alternative left for the Iranians (and many, many agree with this inside Iran), is for a combined US/Israel surgical attack on the regime's assets at which point the regime will crumble from within AND about 200K of the pasdars and basij will perish.  We all know if they are not, then they would become the future terrorists who will try to undermine and destroy the Iraninan society from within in the future years.  With these guys are around the fuiture of Iran and freedom and the Crusades for the West is very bleak.


Dear Fred: If that's what

by vildemose on

Dear Fred: If that's what Iranian want, then that's what they deserve. We can't change anything in Iran while we sit here in our comfortable abodes.


"airtight sanction" buyers beware

by Bavafa on

Fred has already made it very clear that his ultimate goal of "airtight sanction" is that it should lead to war on Iran. Any thing short of that is frivolous in his book. You can read it in his own words in his blog here

So, if you think Iran and Iranians would be better off if turned to some thing similar to Iraq, if you think a government that is installed by the Neocons and Israelis in charge of Iran can do better then the Green movement can offer Iranians, if you think Iranians would be more independent, more democratic and better off under neocons/Israelis installed government then what the Green movement is aspiring for the Iranians, then you ought to follow Fred.