The good Muhammad is gone

by Fred

There was a time when the proponents of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s “right” to full cycle double use nuclear programs used to consider IAEA as the only credible international agency on nuke matters, not anymore.

Back when the Egyptian born Muhammad ElBaradei was the head of the nuclear watchdog agency, back when his double talking reports made it almost impossible to figure out what the Islamist Rapists were up to with their illegal nuke program, Muhammad and his IAEA were good.

Now that IAEA under the new directorship of Japanese born Yukiya Amano is about to release a no nonsense report on IRR’s nuke program, all of a sudden the agency all the Islamists were referring to as the only credible body has become irrelevant and is no good no more.

How come?


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shushtari're right on...

by shushtari on

el baradei was definitely on the akhoonds' payroll....


good riddance...

another defeat for the mullahs 


Totally agree bomannyali,

by Bavafa on

Just like to add now that UN is so credible, lets review and implement all the resolutions that have been passed about Ezrail occupation of other nations. Lets have UN organize an army and force Ezrailis to go back to the internationally recognize borders and bring those responsible for war crimes to justice.

P.S. I wonder if the new directorship of UN declares that there is no proof Iran is building the bomb, then Fred would still think of him as the good Japanese or he becomes the fascist Japanese. So far, he has not offered any proof.

Ali9 Akbar

the Capricious nature of international intrigue....

by Ali9 Akbar on

and POLITICS....


one of these days the Earthlings of this planet will learn that the fate of one nation will EVENTUALLY affect all inhabitants of this tiny planet...


the Question remains...  How soon will  the earthlings learn this lesson???



Mola Nasredeen

But the warmongering racist Israel is still here

by Mola Nasredeen on

Treating the natives like cattle according to AP's report today:

And bombing the natives indiscriminately wounding and maiming people as we speak according to AFP:

And threatening Iran by announcing the production of drones to hit Iran:



Passé fixation

by Fred on

Among your many Jew- centric irrelevant questions to the topic of the blog, you pose couple of valid ones and one which is a revelation, at least to me.

The fact that Goldstone who according to you “was a good Jew”  and ever since his report is no longer a good one only goes to show the integrity of the man to issue a critical report against presumably the bad Jews.

Using your fallacious logic, what does that say about the integrity of  ElBaradei’s obfuscations to the benefit of his brethrens in the Islamist Rapist Republic?

BTW, the revelation about Arafat, who according to you: “was poisoned by Mossad “is an intriguing one. I am certain Iranians who have fond memories of the man who despite all the money and support he got from Iran sided with Saddam and sent Palestinians to fight alongside the Iraqi invading horde against Iran would like to know more including your proof and sources.

BTW, after 31 years of IRR, this sort of diction, fixation and fallacious reasoning are quite familiar and passé.  




by bomannyali on

Back in the day Mr Goldstone was a good jew.  His daughter even lives in a kibbutz.

Then after Goldstone's report, he is a bad jew.  How come?


Back in the day, Saddam was an ally and was provided with chemical and biological weapon to kill the Kurds.  Years later, Israel helped kidnap Kurdish leader Mr Ochalan and sent him to Turkey.

Then Saddam was killed.  How come?

Back in the day, Mr Madoff was a charitable jew.  Last year he become a terrible jew.  How come?

Back in the day, Arafat was a terrorist, then became a friend and then was poisoned by Mossad.  How come?

Back in the day Ahmad Chalabi was a freedom fighter, then he was a liar and terrorist.  How come?

Back in the day the Pope was a hater then he became a friend.  How come?

Back in the day, Saudis were terrorists, now they are friends.  How come?