Going all the way in Iran

by Fred

With the rapid plunge in the value of the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) currency, all doubts about the effectiveness of oil sanction has been put to rest.

Gone are all the nonsense about oil shortages and skyrocketing per barrel prices which were constantly fanned by NIOC compensated lobbies and gofers. Gone is also the wishful thinking that IRR could quickly replace any lost customer for its blood oil.

Since inception, IRR has had a destructive role in the entire world. It has, at great cost, proven to be immune to any reform.

The stated aim of the sanctions has been to compel IRR to abide by numerous UNSC resolutions in regards to its illegal nuke program.

Common sense, let alone strategic thinking, necessitates retasking the sanction’s aim to regime change.

A democratic Iran joining her historic and strategic ally Israel is the best tool the sane world will have in quashing the onslaught by the Islamist barbarians.

In less than two weeks EU foreign ministers are to meet in Luxemburg to discuss further tightening of the sanctions. Go all the way!


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First Amendment

A blog deserving.........

by First Amendment on

............an ouch....................but seriously, why should Iran choose Israel, while the latter's filthy criminal Zionist regime is parasitically feeding off the American tax payers.........why on earth should the peaceful nation of Iran mar their international reputation by getting close, be it a superficial, tactical, strategical closeness, to an infamous regime whose whole history is full of bloody invasions and grudging diplomacy?........why?


Fred: Regime change by

by vildemose on

Fred: Regime change by whom??



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Go All the Way?

by Demo on

And where are we heading exactly, we might ask?

Didn't it take 11 years of applying similar sanctions in Iraq by the 'Sanitized Sangacians*' to quash the 'Islamists Barbarians*' there? And what did 'SS' do afterwards?

* Barbari & Sangac are the 2 types of breads known to 'genuine' Iranians only!