The God-King

by Fred

The rule of the just jurisprudent is the same as that of God’s Prophet, so was reported yesterday the Head Rapist Khamenei has responded to a question posed by a sycophant.

In his “edict” he refers to the position he has been holding for over two decades as that of the “guardian of the cause of Muslims”, mind you that is all Muslims, the one point some billion of them.   

In plain language he specifically says he is the “the guardian of the cause of Muslims”(vali-ye amr-e moslemin) and his rule is like that of Mohammed the Muslim Prophet.

At his coronation the Head Rapist Khamenei was a low level cleric who literally overnight got promoted to Ayatollah rank, soon after to the Grand Ayatollah and eventually “Imam”.

Now with this latest self-promotion the only remaining slot for him to appoint himself to is that of Allah, God Almighty becoming God-King.


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by Cost-of-Progress on

no one actually sees, hears or so much gets a hint from this god everyone talks about in all religions, what would stop Khamenei  from proclaming himself as the main dude, the head huncho, the big cheese: God All Mighty?

How many in Iran would actually embrace that? How many in the world?

As long as there are suckers, there'll be suckees.............