George bites the dust

by Fred

The scoundrel is out. The Saddam loving, Pakistani dictator Parviz Musharaf approving, Hezbollah & Hamas terrorists cuddling, Ahmadinejad election certifying and Islamist Rapist Republic’s propaganda Presstv hosting scoundrel, George Galloway has lost his seat in the British Parliament.

Just elected Britain’s first Bangladeshi MP, Rushanara Ali said of the Respect G. Galloway:

“We say goodbye to George Galloway,” Ms Ali said. At the mention of Mr. Galloway, almost 200 Muslim activists shouted “scum” and “out, out, out”. Ms Ali continued: “We decided it was time to pay our final respects to Respect. Together we voted to end the division and unite the East End.”


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He Sure Cared More for the Victims Than You Ever Have

by HHH on

He cared for the Palestinians for 3 decades when he didn't have to, he spent years trying to defend their rights. He is on Press-TV with free voice and free microphone for callers because no one else dared to let him talk. You don't see an IRI agent sitting and monitoring his callers. He takes what he can get for his cause.

If you ask him he will give you his opinion of IRI actions too and it's not always positive.

Sitting in your air-conditioned home behind the monitor and calling the regime "Islamic Rapist" is not caring, it's whining, caring is to move back to Iran, go to poor villages and build homes for the poor.

David ET

That is GREAT news

by David ET on

I am glad that the people got rid of this sell-out who has no respect for human rights. 

Sign and Distribute the Iranian Solidarity Declaration:


Artificial Intelligence

Good Riddance!

by Artificial Intelligence on

He is pure evil. He will probably now get a full time job as a charlatan on Press TV.



by Fred on

Actually I do not harbor any hope for those poor cannon fodders who carryout the homicidal terrorist attacks. It is their Islamist cheerleaders who are in the sane world living the good life among the civilized that I’m hoping will one day have an epiphany.

Nowadays Increasing numbers of them do and become part of the solution. Of course there are some old Islamists too set in their dogma of death worshipping to change into civilized behavior.

This Galloway charlatan worked with the west based Islamists/Anti-semites and their likeminded lefty ally cheerleaders and that is why his departure from Parliamentary seat was roundly welcomed by the Moslems who knew what he was all about.



by timothyfloyd on



Fred jan,

by Q on

When it comes to "death", for the forceeable future we will always have to play second fiddle to George Bush and your Israeli masters.

This is one contest, they are winning fair and square.


Death wishing Islamists

by Fred on

When are the Islamists going to become civilized and stop getting their hopes up to hear the news of someone’s death?

Haven’t they gorged their morbid desires on all the deaths their Islamist Rapist Republic has supplied them?

Genghis Khan

Good news

by Genghis Khan on

Burqa being banned in France, followed by this a..hole being kicked out. And more to come...

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.


too bad Fred,

by Q on

I thought Bush had died. Way to get my hopes up!

Galloway was a much better activist before he was and MP and this will free him to speak his mind even more. No harm done.