Fascist and proud of it


by Fred

There might be divergent views on the nature of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, but the Godly folks ruling over Iran and Iranians are not ashamed to publically say any and all except their view is “deviant” and will not be tolerated.

The latest confirmation this comes in the form of what the IRR’s “Minister of Science” has said the other day about the most important qualification university professors must possess.You would be on the wrong path if you think it has anything to do with knowledge, ability to teach it, research and publication of scholarly articles.

Lets hear Mr. Minister of Science who I kid you not was revealed during his “confirmation process” in IRR to hold a degree from the Diploma Mill University say it:

 “Professors with deviant views will be dismissed, minister:TEHRAN, March 5 (MNA) – Science Minister Kamran Daneshju said on Thursday those professors hold views opposed to the Islamic system will be dismissed. The minister made the remarks at a meeting with the chancellors of universities in the northern city of Behshar.

However, he said most of the academics hold views in tandem with the principles of the Islamic system, but “anyone who cannot act in line with the path of the revolution should leave universities.” Iran’s universities need those who show their loyalty to Islam and Velayat Faqih (rule of the supreme jurisprudent) in practice, he emphasized.

On remarks voiced on the declining trend of university professors’ scientific capabilities and academic credentials, he said there is sufficient number of qualified professors in Iran, so the science ministry is not “ashamed of” removing those who have divergent views. “ 

What did I say; they ain’t even ashamed of being Islamist fascists and guess what, they are getting nuclerized.  






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Mardom Mazloom

Mein Früd,

by Mardom Mazloom on

It's better to be a dyslexic Anti-Semitic kid in tow, than an oxymoron racist. You'll end up no where by demonizing everything you don't like. But, for our pleasure please continue your posts.


Keep on trucking

by Fred on

With their new dyslexic Anti-Semitic kid in tow, most of the usual clueless lovelies are in. Doing a fantastic job, keep it up.

Mardom Mazloom

بیانیه شماره 8 مدرسین و طلاب قم و نجف

Mardom Mazloom

من مذهبی نیستم، ولی این را حتما بخوانید.

ملت شریف ایران!

همانطور که تا امروز بارها متذکر شدیم، حکومت ایران، حکومتی است غیر شرعی، غیر قانونی و آبرو باخته که در پشت صورتکی از اسلام چهره حقیقی خود را مخفی کرده است. سردمداران این رژیم مسمی به دین ولی فی الواقع کاملا ضد دین، با تفسیر سلیقه ای از کلام الله مجید که مظلوم ترین قربانی این حکومت است و برداشت متناسب با منافع شخصی و جناحی برای چند صباحی حکومت و غارت اموال و بیت المال، از احادیث و روایت شریف رسول مکرم اسلام صلی الله علیه و آله وسلم و حضرات ائمه معصومین علیهم السلام، به نام دین و به نام تشیع، از هیچ جنایتی چشم پوشی نمی کنند.

مردم ستم دیده ایران!

اسلام حقیقی، اسلامی نیست که در آن ناسزا، فحش، ضرب و شتم، تعذیب، تجاوز، غارت، دروغ، تهمت، ریا، مزاحمت، زندانی کردن، قتل و اعدام جایز باشد. اسلام واقعی اسلامی است که بر مبنای اخلاق بنا نهاده شده است همانطور که رحمة للعالمین فرمود: انی بعثت لاتمم مکارم الاخلاق. ما در سالروز میلاد با سعادت رسول الله صلی الله علیه و آله وسلم اعلام میداریم که اسلام نه فقط برای اخلاق بلکه برای مکارم اخلاق آمده است.

بی شوخی!



This Sunday & Monday-- big days for IRI

by yahoo_yabo on

Hopefully and with God's blessing this Sunday and Monday, another piece of the puzzle will fit right into the sphere of IRI's sphere of influence as the religious Shiites take over the government in Iraq and eventually elect Dr Ibrahim Al Jaafari or former VP Abdul Mahdi.


Coming Up Next:

As the Houthi rebellion in Yemen produced no concerete immediate results, we look forward to its lasting impact which shall resurface itself in the next 5 years.

In the Immediate Agenda, we shall focus on two countries: EGypt & Azerbiyijan.

We should agitate the great descendants of the the Pharoahs to show more and more support for Mr Al Baradei and portray the current Egyptian government as non functional and anti- Palestine to thwart Jamal Al Mubarak's election in 2011.  This needs to be done in tandem with greater publicity and recognition of Mr Al Baradei on the international scale to elevate his status amongst Egyptians as the right man to lead Egypt in the next 5 years.  We should coordinate with Ikhwan Al Muslimeen group in Egypt to sharpen their attacks on Hosni and expose Jamal as a junior Hosni.

2. Plans should be made as we enter the summer of 2010 to spread instability in the capital of Azerbayijan, Baku.  With an ally in Azerbiyijan in power, we can then put into action the Islamic Republic's New Middle East agenda.

Mola Nasredeen

یا قمر بنی هاشم با این

Mola Nasredeen



Wish you only knew Fred

by capt_ayhab on

As an economic system, fascism is socialism with a capitalist facade. The word derives from fasces, the Roman symbol of collectivism and power: a tied bundle of rods with a protruding ax. In its day (the 1920s and 1930s), fascism was seen as the happy medium between boom-and-bust-prone liberal capitalism, with its alleged class conflict, wasteful competition, and profit-oriented egoism, and revolutionary Marxism, with its violent and socially divisive persecution of the bourgeoisie. Fascism substituted the particularity of nationalism and racialism—“blood and soil”—for the internationalism of both classical liberalism and Marxism.

Some reading is in order Mr. Fred. Here Fred


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

This is a tradition in education in Iran

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

If you were good with the shah and his team, you got work. This regime is the same. We're a bunch of morons. The end.